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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
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Reading through the forums and different other sites, I see from time to time a request about a version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for Macintosh computers. The last version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite that was released natively for Mac OS was version 11 and was only compatible with PowerPC processors at that time (wasn't Apple still making fun of the Pentium back then?). With version 12, Corel took the decision to focus the development of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite product purely on Windows. At that point, and after having had multiple versions of CorelDRAW developed for Mac OS, we only had a very small percentage of users on that platform, while the vast majority of you where using Windows based computers. It was a hard choice to make, but the cost, time and constraints related to supporting cross-platform development where the drivers of the business decision to focus on Microsoft's Operating Systems. With the new version X4 for example, you can see how we where able to integrate with Windows Vista to offer built-in desktop search and high-resolution thumbnails for example, as well as the re-designed "New from template" dialog box. 

Since the move to the Intel CPUs, and more recently with the availability of Mac OS 10.5 that includes Boot Camp to run Windows on Macs, Apple has started to officially support Windows as an operating system for their hardware. And the good news is: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista, not with a specific brand of computer manufacturers. While I am going to get a lot of negative comments from the mac community, starting with Leopard, the hardware from Apple has become just another Windows computer with which CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is compatible with, just like a Dell, HP, Toshiba or Sony computer.

And now for the technical support disclaimer: Corel won't support any problem specifically related to the Mac hardware. I am currently not aware of any specific issues related to using Windows XP or Windows Vista on a Mac through Boot Camp. But if you have a problem, please make sure that this is not specific to running the operating system on that hardware by testing this on another non-Apple computer.  

The other option of running Windows applications on a Mac is to use a virtualisation tool such as Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. As you can see on the screen shot above done on the Mac I have at home (sitting next to a PC), CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 is working on a Mac (in this case, using Parallels in Coherence mode) side-by-side with native applications. And the same rule as with Boot Camp applies to the virtualisation solution: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is compatible with Windows, not with the particular hardware that is running Windows, physical or virtual. 

Update - 26 Feb 2008: I had the opportunity to try VMware Fusion for the last few days and I have the impression that it is slightly faster than Parallels... might be only me, but if I had to estimate the effect of running in a virtual machine, I would estimate that you loose about 10% of the performance (no, I did not conduct scientific benchmarks).

Posted Mon, Feb 11 2008 15:13 by Gerard Metrailler


fcervant wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Mon, Mar 24 2008 15:14

hi, I was wondering if CDx4 supports multiple core processing, you see we are in the market for Mac Pros and were wondering if Corel would take full advantage of 8x cores that the Mac Pro has. I'm hoping it dose, it would speed production on large vector files which are a huge headache to work on.  

Gerard Metrailler wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Mon, Mar 31 2008 5:20

While certain features such as selected effects will take benefit of multiple cores if available, the main applications are not using multiple cores for processing with X4 (and previous versions).

vmarks wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Wed, Feb 18 2009 18:21

Since the only answers are settling for not using the Mac, or using with a Windows license (which is really unfortunate and requires extra financial burdens) then I request Corel open the .cdr vector format so that developers of graphics applications who -are- willing to write for Macintosh can edit and create .cdr files which will be compatible with CorelDRAW.

mbmerlo wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Sun, Apr 26 2009 21:45

Hi, Gerard!

I use Corel X4 on a mac using VMWare Fusion 2.0 and works very fine. The key is the amount of RAM you' ll dedicate to the Virtual Machine. Here I have 4 Gb on my iMac and I dedicate 2 Gb to Win XP running on VMWare. And I have the Corel icon on my Dock... The mac fans just go nuts seeing that,,, hehehe, I use Corel since version 4...

Roopak wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Thu, May 21 2009 2:34

Using corel on Windows is difficult it's give memory problem always. windows platform is not stable platform for graphic work.

If Corel make a software for Mac OS than it will be a more usable software for graphic designers.

shef wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Tue, Jun 30 2009 19:45

just got a brand new totally upgraded macbook pro 17" (3.06Ghz processor, 8GB ram, nvidia gforce 9600M GT) and installed corel x4. everything is swell - saves fast, opens fast, fabulous - EXCEPT: drawing is all but impossible because it takes so long to move objects i actually can't even tell where i'm placing them (seriously, up to 5 full seconds after moving a simple vector shape or node where in v9 it was instantaneous).

spoke to the corel techs and they told me that:

1. everything was "working as designed" (including when he remoted into my machine and saw it for himself) and

2. corel doesn't support bootcamp and so he couldn't speak to me any further.

i realize there may be disclaimers about bootcamp, but seriously, i'm begging: do you have any suggestions for how i can get my new x4 corel drawing even half as fast as ther version 9 i just replaced? i love some of the new features and hate to return the software, but really, this is an untenable situation for me. all i do is draw vector art.


with thanks in advance for any ideas...


Gerard Metrailler wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Wed, Jul 1 2009 6:18

I've been using CorelDRAW X4 without a problem on Apple hardware for a while (mainly on an iMac). Are you using the built-in track-pad? Can you try with an external mouse using the default Windows drivers?

Also, can you try installing CorelDRAW on a non-Apple PC computer and see if you are experiencing the same problem there? That will help clarify if the problem comes from the hardware or from the OS.

Finally, please create a discussion in the forums about this as it would be a better place to get more people to comment / answer.


Al wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Tue, Oct 20 2009 18:43


I have used MS products for some thirty years, but now that I have finally moved everything to Macs, I am totally enjoying the experience. The thought of introducing Windows to my Mac platform completely negates the reason I left Microsoft Windows in the first place.  I own older versions of Corel Draw for my old PCs, but I don't use them any more. I would like to, but, a decision by Corel, long ago, to forgo a Mac port was made. At the time, I believe your decision was prudent, but that was at least six years ago. A lot has happened in those six years. More to the point, it is today that a look at the future of computing should be reexamined.

Apple has been on a steady upswing in market share in the desktop format for some time now. The +$1000.00 laptop format has Apple claiming 90% of that market. All of this has been happening during one of the most serious economic time periods in history.

It appears the global marketplace is starting to make a positive shift, and I'm sure we all hope this trend continues. My point is that, if Apple has been able to make these strides in this market, then it stands to reason that they will continue this growth pattern in the days and years to come.

Is Corel reactionary, or proactive? Is Corel content to capitulate to Adobe in the Mac market? This is not the Apple of old, so don't stand on your decisions of old, thinking that they are still relevant today.

Here's hoping that Corel realizes that they can be competitive and profitable in the Mac market.


Yani wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Sun, Dec 20 2009 13:22

My Windows computer is unstable too. I have to reboot it every second Tuesday when MS pushes an update at me.

brokenvectors wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Thu, Jul 8 2010 7:58

I'm a corelDRAW user from Corel 10 until corel X4 at office, but since I only using macbook pro, i can't bring my work to home and that kinda desperate. I try to install bootcamp and it dont work as smooth as when i use corel in windows. its also bring up another issue... HD space. my hard drive is rather small (100 GB) and it already fill up with various editing and computer graphic software... FYI I will wait as long as it takes for corelDRAW to make the mac version

Dave wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Sun, Jul 11 2010 12:34

I am big supporter of Corel returning to the Mac, mainly to take advantange of the benefits of memory allocation and core processing that I have read about.  All very well in emulating but it does worry me as I wont be taking any advantage.

The other thing Corel needs to monitor carefully is Apple vs Microsoft market share, recently with all the i-devices I heard Apple has taken the lead and it seriously will weaken Microsoft, so Apple platforms really do need serious consideration at this time (as i have posted before) and I think many PC people are now looking at the Mac environment as a way of going forward considering that Corel does feel slow compared to it's competitors.

Danubius wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Tue, Jul 13 2010 11:29

After 25 years on Windows, we finally saw the light and moved everything to Macs. Too bad Corel left us all behind.

Mac OS is a proven stable mature 64 bit platform while Windows is a just a fragmented forever work-in-progress. We finally got tired of all the crashes and expensive updates as well as the PC vendor pointing the finger at the software folks and vice versa. Windows in virtual mode on the Mac is certainly no better and a lot worse.

Sorry for the rant but we had to leave a lot of Corel work behind and no clean way to convert the CDR files. Lesson learned: stay away from Windows stuff from now on.

fnarvel wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Fri, Jul 30 2010 23:10

Hi Gerard

Please ask corel officials to rethink & reevaluate there decision about dumping the mac platform

as the market share & the demand for corel on Mac has increased tremendously

(Infact the sole reason for me not jump on Mac platform completely is because of this corel decision)


SteveBl wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Thu, Aug 5 2010 10:42

This is a nice news. I like CorelDraw. at first itwas difficult but then I found CorelDRAW help at pdf search . Check it. I'm sure you'll learn a lot of new.

toymaker1 wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Tue, Nov 23 2010 12:07

I am hoping that Corel will soon produce a Mac edition of Coreldraw.

My impression is that it is far superior to Illustrator, but using Coreldraw on a Mac with Parallels or Bootcamp or partitioning or whatever is not nearly as good or as straightforward as using a native Mac edition.

For example, if you use Coreldraw on a mac, you still have a mac keyboard, and you need Internet Explorer rather than safari, and there is the printer connection to connsider etc. For computer illiterates like myself such issues are difficult.

I cant understand why Corel are not working on a Mac version - like, for example, Rhino is.


dcgoodwin wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Fri, Apr 22 2011 7:14

At a recent annual meeting, I noticed suddenly that of 25 boardmembers present, about 15 suddenly had Macs.  It had been 3 or 4 in years before.  I argued the virtues of Windows at the meeting.  Went home and bought a Mac for video editing.  Now, I'm switching our whole company over to Macs (at least the execs.)  

I've been a CorelDraw user since 5.  I loaded Indesign last week because I can't use my beloved CorelDraw.  I really don't want to switch to Adobe... and I really wonder why Indesign has such a following.  Corel is better in many ways.  But the Mac isn't what it was 10 years ago.  And neither is Windows.  I spent a lot of time in Redmond and was a huge Windows fan.  But, every dog has it's day, and Windows seems to be the waning Dog.  

Please help me stay with CorelDraw by releasing a new Mac version!

rox wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Tue, Jun 14 2011 4:11

I guess I got duped. I had always heard how graphics programs run so much better on a Mac, it never occurred to me that I would not be able to purchase Corel Draw for my new Mac.

I will echo what the other members have already said. I am in my late 50's and have been using computers since before there was even a mouse. But I am sick and tired of Microsoft and their monthly patches. After one Update my CD drive didn't work, a few month later my camera no longer worked. I finally threw in the towel and resigned myself that I was simply going to have to learn how to use a Mac and I converted and bought a new iMac.

I am SHOCKED that Corel does not issue a Mac version. My husband and I own a small olive farm and produce olive oil and I use Corel draw for designing our many different labels (like over 50) as our oil is sold around the world. I will not under any circumstances install Windows on my Mac, just not gonna do it. If I wanted to stay in Windows I would have bought a Windows computer. Now not only am I forced to learn the Mac you are going to force me to learn Adobe as well. What other choice do I have? I am NOT going to partition my new Mac and install windows. You will only make Corel Draw for Windows, I think this is where we will part.

So long, I really do like your product and would not have changed but you have left me no choice. One day your business will look back at this time and realize you made a mistake. You failed to see the rise in the Apple computers and you stayed with a declining Microsoft. I don't HATE Microsoft at all, I am just sick of the viruses and constant updates that then blows things out of the water that I have on my computers. One day you will remember all of us here posting and telling you, "I switched to a Mac" and you decided to let us go rather than invest. I have been using Corel for 5 years now and have been very happy with it, it is easy to use for someone who does not do graphics for a living, who only needs it now and then. I fear Adobe, I had downloaded a free trial version 5 years ago before I bought Corel and after having tried them both I chose Corel Draw because it was easier. I don't really have a choice I am simply going to have to learn Adobe just like I am learning the Mac, I won't go back to Windows, there is no going back, I made my decision. And as a big fat disappointment now I can't use Corel Draw, well you lost that sale, so long and good luck.

RoseK wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Sun, Jun 26 2011 10:22

I am a Realtor who has been working on CorelDraw on both PC and Mac for as long as I can remember. I use it for all of my brochures, ads, etc.  I have been running Mac at home and PC at the office for years so the elimination of the Mac support has been an inconvenience but not debilitating for me up until now.  My office PC is now on it's last legs while my (much older) Macs are still going strong.  I have to purchase a new computer for my office and there is no question in my mind that it will be a Mac.  Like Rox and others above, I will no partition my Mac.  When I've done that in the past it has been a nightmare I don't want to get back into.  It pains me to do this but I also must part ways with CorelDraw now.  

I implore you to reconsider your decision to support a Mac application.  Look around. MacBooks are everywhere.  IPads, IPods, IPhones, IEverything is taking over. Mac is not just for the subversives or us pig-headed individualists anymore, it is mainstream and growing in leaps and bounds. Nearly everyone I know is working on Macs now.  I think you are missing the boat if you don't recognize this sea change.  Unfortunately I won't be able to wait for you to get back in the game.  I don't have great hope for the other DTP options (Adobe?) I have, but if I make the switch it will be harder to switch back if you do get back on the horse.  Let me know if you come to your senses. Hopefully, for your sake, I'm not too far into the Adobe to make the switch back.

dv8or wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Sun, Jul 3 2011 14:17

I have been hoping you would have a change of heart with regards to Macs and as a very long time Coreldraw user I can assure you that the mac population is growing and if marketed to correctly you can make money there. I have tried using Coreldraw on a virtual PC but it is unworkable as colour correction is near enough impossible and the functionality is clunky at best. Please redevelop things for mac or at least do a deal with a company like istudio to provide interoperability with macs and possibly some of Corel's functionality....

Marcel wrote re: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 on a Mac
on Fri, Aug 5 2011 16:53

The same over here, since i own an ipad and love the simplicity and quality of it (and 61% of tablet market does too) im considering an imac as well but i refuse to use adobe since i love coreldraw.

In my opinion that old decision should be reconsidered since tech markets change rapidly.

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