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Looking for CorelCAD customer reviews

CorelCAD is a whole new CAD application from Corel.

To become familiar with the 2D and 3D design solution you can download a 30-day-trial version on
However, you might need some extra time to try out CorelCAD with its complete feature set!?

Just send an email to me using the "Contact" button on the right and apply for the customer reference programme.

We can provide you with an extended trial so that you can take your time to evaluate the software in more detail. In return, we expect to hear back from you about your 1st and 2nd impressions with the new CAD solution.
And we will reward you for giving Corel permission to publish your feedback as customer testimonial.

What we would like to know from you when applying for the extended trial and customer review:

  • How many CAD software users are working in your business?
  • How long have you worked with CAD software so far?
  • Are you Windows or Mac user (or working with both)?
  • What's the main tasks and workflow you want to evaluate CorelCAD for?

Looking forward to your feedback and providing you with extra-time to try out CorelCAD with your own projects for free!

Posted Mon, May 2 2011 14:54 by Klaus Vossen
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