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Coreldraw x5 Installation Problem

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ilyas92 posted on Tue, Oct 26 2010 21:04

I had coreldraw x4 Trial Version Installed in my computer (Windows Vista).  I uninstalled coreldraw x4 .

I bought Coreldraw Home and student x5. I tried to install several time but after 99% installation. It says


Setup Incomplete:


Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time , please complete installation at another time , please run setup again.

Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product. Use add/remove programs on the control panel. Click Finish to quit the setup.



I completely uninstall , cleared coreldraw x4 files from temp, Regedit, program files but not work out.


Any body can Help me in this issue.

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Virginia USA
Hello ilyas92; X5 should install with x4 install, but you may want to check to make sure your fire wall is turned off.
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Having the exact same issue with X5 trying to install on Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I've already tried: Turning off the windows User Account Control (UAC), tried it without my AVG Antivirus running. Also tried moving the complete DVD on my machine and after all of these tries simply get the Setup Incomplete with absolutely no error messages, just finish to quit. Have a brand new software that I can't install. Any solutions will be greatly appreciated.

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Grand Haven, Michigan

Can you reinstall x4? then uninstall it again? I know it sounds dumb but that's worked for me when a program wouldn't disappear.



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I actually upgraded from x3 to x5 so no x4 on this box. Just seems so off having to do that, but will uninstall x3 and then try it. Does anyone know how to clean off registry properly to get ride of anything that my previous 6 tries of installing x5 may have left in the registry causing an issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

There is a knowledgebase article in the Support forum on this topic:

Note that you should also uninstall/remove Corel Graphics - Windows Shell Extension. It appears as a separate installer in Control Panel, Programs.


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Suggested by Freggel82
Expert advice. Since corel uses msi installions do this for the last part. Download and install microsoft installer cleanup utility . Remove all related to corel. Reboot
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Great hint - this worked out on windows 7 x64 - i had bad problems with reinstallation.

By the way i have a mimaki vinyl cutter and and lfp ;)

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