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Corel Draw X5 Crashes before even opening

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ryanricheson posted on Thu, Feb 24 2011 19:30

When I try to open any of the Corel X5 suite, they ALL crash. They all worked two weeks ago but now they all crash. To the best of my knowlege I have not even touched this computer since the last time they worked but now magicly they do not open.  I get the error message, Corel Draw X5 has stopped working, then it closes.  I am running windows 7, 4 Gigs ram, I7 Pros.  


Any ideas?

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Hello ryanricheson; have you tryed the F8 trick? and 4 gb of ram is not alot for a I7, what do you have working before you try to light up Corel?


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Insert DVD and try REPAIR.

Yes I have tried the F8 trick and it gives me the error a second after it askeds if I would like to reset it.  I am running nothing else besides trying to start corel.  At the time I start corel the computer is only using 0.9 gigs of ram. 

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Always start by running a memory check and ruling that out as a potential issue.

The quickest and easiest way in 7 is to use the built-in memory diagnostic.

    Click Start or press the Windows key
    Type "mdsched.exe" (without the quotes)
    Chose one of the available options.


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Seeing that you're using win XP, it might be the application handler(part of windows). Check to see if you've got the latest security updates and windows installer version (parts of windows that needs regular updates to work correctly).


Hope this helps

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