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Coral Draw 7 Distribution and Updates

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timpeer2 Posted: Fri, Dec 14 2007 16:50

Our graphics person reinstalled Coral Draw 7 from the retail distribution overwriting the then installed Coral Draw 7 "updated version" installed on his computer. It seems many of the Coral Draw files now cannot be opened after the reinstall and the Coral Draw web site is no longer offering updates for version 7. Is there a registry key (or another source of the Coral Draw updates). Upgrading to a later version of CD is not an option at this time. How can I obtain the updates for version 7?


Very best,


Tim Peer 

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Hi Tim,

Im assuming that the "updated" version you refer to is simply patched/updated from corel updates? If so, the update you require is probably still available at Corel's ftp site

(That link takes you directly to the full "suite" version updates)

Good luck with it, hope that helps.




Does anyone know if there is a update or patch that will make CorelDraw 7 be compatible with XP. I used to be able to scan a graphic into CorelDraw7 and munipulate the drawing. But ever since I installed CorelDraw 7 onto a computer with XP I haven't been able to do that.

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Stockholm, SWEDEN (Europe) Illustrator & Artist

I tried version 7 once on my XP machine, no direct problem at all.

But why not just use the software that comes with your Scanner. If you have a fairly new scanner, it has its own button for scanning. When Scanner ask which program to use to image adjust, then just choose Photo-Paint. Or just save the image directly in a folder on your computer.
So just scan the image, without going via Twain in CorelDraw/photo-paint 7. And then when its scanned you just open/import the image with either Photo-Paint or CorelDRAW.

No updates/servicepack needed for that move.

My scanner is about six years old. But when it was new it wouldn't give me the option to scan into Corel. I didn't try the buttons because at the time the buttons wasn't working. I just notice recently in my search for a patch that there was one that would make the buttons work .  But click on the scanner button doesn't give me the option to choose either Corel or Corel Photo Paint. It give me HP Software, Publisher and Microsoft Office Document Imaging. Even when choosing Publisher it comes up saying that Publisher doesn't support the selected device. Did you actually try to scan something into Corel 7?

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Stockholm, SWEDEN (Europe) Illustrator & Artist

When I used CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint 7, I used to bring in the images/scan them by going via: File>Twain in Photo-paint or coreldraw.
If you dont have a settings button/tab, or quivalent name, in the scanner software, to choose program to open what you have scanned, then I would probably see to that the scanned image at least got saved in a folder on my computer. And THEN open that image with Corel Photo-Paint 7 or CorelDRAW 7. One other thing, if you cant open the scanned image, then maybe there is a fileformat that Publisher, as you say, cant handle? If you scann as Tiff or Jpeg then you surely should be able to open it. My point is that start by just getting the image scanned, and saved in a folder, dont mind what program to associate/open with, if this is causing a problem. Just save it on your computer. And then start Photo-Paint/coreldraw, and then save it as you are used to, from within Photo-Paint/CorelDRAW.

Is it possible for you to get a scanned image, saved on your computer at all, with the scanner you use?

If not, then I would buy a new scanner. One can get very good scanner today. I use a Canon myself. And if you are fine with a Flat bed scanner, then there is a lot to choose from, for almost nothing.


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