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bandit2260 posted on Sun, May 20 2012 20:28

My pressure tablet doesn't apply pressure using the pencil tool -- or any other tool-- It's a CTH470 Bamboo.


Anyone else having problems?



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And I have similar problems. No one knows the answer?

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Hello gandit; Why not CALL the vender you got the tablet from and tell them what it's doing?



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There is no tool named “the pencil tool”. Most likely you are talking about the freehand tool and it does not support pressure. The tool that most reliably supports pressure is the Pressure Artistic Media Tool.
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The tool that most reliably supports pressure is the Pressure Artistic Media Tool.

Or the new shaping tools (twirl, smear).

It is possible you need to set up the pressure first (tools -> options : workspace -> display : at the bottom you should see "Pen tablet: Configure"

Yeah, figured it out. Thanks for the response. Other programs use pressure on lots of their drawing tools. But it works, and that's good.


Thanks. again.





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