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space between ( text ) lines problem, anyone?

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jadeoasis posted on Tue, Jun 19 2012 5:03


i´ve got a problem with text  line spacing.

i need to change space between paragraphs ( not sure if i say right) see the pic below please.

to change  lines with paragraph formating without space is easy, but when i make a space

among every two lines, i need to change these separately.

thanks for any tip, best of luck!

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What are you showing above? Is it three paragraphs?

If so, you need to go to text > paragraph formatting and change the after paragraph setting. 150% is usually a good value to start from.


[The above is for X4, but I'm sure X5 is similar].

Of course, having set the above you need to make sure that you have only one carriage return between your paragraphs. If you have imported them from somewhere else without proper formatting facilities they will quite likely have two (which you can fix using text find and replace).

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I assume you're working with Paragraph text (not Artistic), since you mentioned "between paragraphs" in you question.

Here's what I would do:

Make sure the lines that are meant to be together are separated by line breaks (Shift+Enter),
and also make sure the ones that are meant to have extra spacing are separated by normal paragraph breaks (Enter).
Enable Text > "Show Non-Printing Characters", to make it easier to see what kind of breaks you use ( « for line break and ¶ for paragraph break).

Now, either select the text box with the Pick tool, or select all lines with the Text tool.
Open the Paragraph Formatting docker.
Adjust "Line" spacing for lines separated by line breaks, and paragraph spacing with "Before Paragraph" and/or "After Paragraph" for paragraph breaks.

That should do it.

Edit: Harry posted while I was writing and showed you where to adjust in the docker.


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hi ,

thank you both of you guys for your cool tips, best of luck!


i´m sorry to trouble you again, it´s actually one paragraph,  ( my mistake ) which contains a few couple of lines together.

any chance to do it again in paragraph or artistix text?


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Well, artistic text has less facilities than paragraph text so I think you would do best to keep it as paragraph text but split it into three paragraphs.

As Ronny says, in paragraph text you can have a line break (without causing a paragraph break) by pressing shift + Enter at the end of the line. That's what you need between the first and second lines of your example (together with the after-paragraph spacing mentioned earlier).


thanks you guys, really appreciat it.

hope it works.

best wishes!


a small question please.

is there any way how to add toolbar "aligh and distribute" to stay forever in the panels / between eg. macros?

i did it a long time ago in X4, but i totaly forgot how to do it.


best of luck!

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