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Problem with the new Update

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GeniusMe Posted: Tue, Jul 3 2012 5:25

I have recently updated my CorelDraw 15 ( X5 ) which I very frequently use and I' m facing a huge problem every 15 - 20 minutes. My program crashes while I work and closes by itself without backups and without anything. Everytime I run Corel Draw 15 I make sure I have already closed any other programs which may have been the source of the appcrash but as it seems they weren' t. I am very disappointed with Corel' s updates. That' s because every time I update Corel ( Twice in my whole life. I don' t like updates and as it seems I was right.) there is a problem. I have reinstalled the update and even the whole program but there is still a problem. I am facing problems with my work because I literally can' t work efficiently. Please help me as soon as possible! Thank you Smile .

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London UK

Did your updates include hotfix 4 at ?

You also need the latest version of .net from microsoft, at


The Hotfix page says:

"Hot Fix 4 will update the latest release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 ( The build number after the hot fix is applied will be"

But when I Check for Updates via my  X5 (, it says there are no new updates available....Should I install the Hotfix? Are there others?



PS My outline widths already accepts custom values....

Thanks a lot! I will try it out!

Friend thanks a lot but I still have a problem. Your recommendations weren't useful at all. It made my problem worse. Now it closes every 2 - 3 minutes.

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Do you have a lot of temporary files ?

Putting %temp% in the Start > Run box will find them and any that are older than yesterday can be safely deleted.

Failing that, does the event viewer (in control panel > administrative tools) show any recent warnings or errors in either the system or application lists?

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