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Guidelines do not appear correctly

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Nickodemus posted on Tue, Jul 3 2012 23:26

Hi, this has happened in Corel 15 and 11 and no idea why but very frustrating.

On correctly setting up the guidelines, they do not appear in the right place!

e.g. When first setting up the page (2080mm wide x 830mm high) I set the guidlines up as I want them and they all appear in the right places. Then, after saving and working on the document, I go to set up some new guidelines ... "0" then appears in the middle of the page?! Is this a fault with Corel or is there something I am doing wrong? I am a long-time, everyday user and this problem crops up from time to time. Ususally I just strat a new page and try again but have just done this 4 times in Corel15 and the guidlines still keep appearing in the wrong place. The correct place for a "0.000" horizontal guidleine is at the bottom of the page!!

Can anyone help?


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I'm not sure why 0 is appearing in the vertical centre unless you are using a special layout such as tent fold. But that would happen when you first set up the document.

Anyway, it is easy to correct:

  • Put the mouse in the small square at top left where the two rulers join.
  • Drag the mouse to where you want 0,0 to be.

To get the precise position you may want to first go to guidelines setup and add page borders. Also make sure snap to guidelines is on.

Then try tools > save settings as default

If it still does not save properly then perhaps try temporarily removing any macros in case one of them is changing the position.

Thanks, I appreciate your reply, however, that is still quite a manual way of doing it ... not so practical when you have 40 different sized signs to set up. Has anyone else had the problem? It was happening in Corel 15 so I went back to Corel 11 and it all worked fine in there BUT I have also had it happen in that programme too. I don't know much about Macros but will look into it. Thanks. 



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I was hoping that save settings as default would fix it so that you did not have to do it manually in future. Though that would affect only new documents created. Existing documents are likely to have saved the setting along with the document.

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