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PHOTO-PAINT "picture-information"-issue

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tmae posted on Fri, Jul 13 2012 13:18

Hey forum =)

i got a question about the "picture-information"-window.

i open the window in the statusbar with "view"--> "picture information" and then he needed windows pops up on the right side. so far so good.

but now i want to have the exact position of the curser in Pixel, if i point on a specivic location of the picture, that´s why i changed the unit from "zoll" to "pixel".

the problem is now, that the "picture-information"-window does´nt show me all pixels, it just adds a pixel, when i point about 10 pixels further in my picture.

for example i got a picture with x = 5184 pixels, y = 3456 pixels, but the maximum pixel on the x-axis shown on "picture-information" is 5.18 and on the y-axis 3.45.

so it seems it only counts every 10th pixel.

i tried to fix it in the options settings, but didn´t succeed =(


i would be vary happy if someboy could help me!

sorry for my bad english! best wishes, tmae

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London UK

I think you need to select pixels using the second dropdown:

That seems to be showing "whole" pixels here (my cursor is near the right of a 1750 pixel wide image).

thx for ur answer, but i already picked "pixel" in that dropdown menue. and i only get the pixels number divided through 10

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London UK

It is actually 5184 divided by 1000, not divided by 10 ... and that gives me a clue.

In some countries, the dot means thousand and a comma is used for the decimal point. It looks like the two are being confused here.

So, the first thing to do is to check whether your Regional settings are correct at the windows level.

If you are on XP that will be control panel > Regional and Language Options. Go into Customise and check whether Decimal Symbol and Digital Grouping Symbol are set correctly for your country.

If you are on Windows 7, it will be Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region > Region and Language and those options will be under Additional Settings.

If you need to change these settings you will probably need to restart CorelDraw because it probably only looks for them at startup.



thx for ur answer again. i got win 7 and i checked it, like your advice. but it was already correct. hmmm i don´t know how i can fix that issue =( any other ideas?

okay, i got an answer for my problem:

the picture-info screen only shows every 10th pixel if you got a definition higher then 1000 pixel.

for example

533 pixel = 0,533

1212 pixel = 1,12

nothing you can do about it =(


anyway, thanks for your help!Yes

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London UK

In tools > options > workspace > edit you probably have the default precision of 3.

What happens if you change it to 4 ?

sorry, but what u mean with a precision of 3? i got the german version and there is no option i can choose the precision:

thx mek.

ican´t find this menue in my options bar. seems like i got a different version:

corel photopaint x6


win7 64 bit

Mek replied on Sat, Jul 14 2012 14:14


I am sorry for mistake as I posted screen shot from Corel Draw option and not PhotoPaint. I have checked issue mentioned by you and it shows correctly in PP X5 on XP Pro SP3.



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London UK

Sorry, this is my mistake, due to jumping between posts. There is no decimal precision setting in photopaint (or at least, not one that is configurable in tools > options).

So, back to where we were before ...

You are seeing 1212 pixel = 1,12 but in my first screen shot I am showing 1,729 which is measuring whole pixels.

The difference I think is that I am in a country where the comma is used to mean thousands and you are in a country where a comma is used for the decimal point. Is that correct?

If so, then I think this is a photopaint bug -- that particular function seems not to have been fully tested on a system with a decimal comma.



"The difference I think is that I am in a country where the comma is used to mean thousands and you are in a country where a comma is used for the decimal point. Is that correct?"

yeahh, you are right. probably it is a bug of photopaint =(

so i have to work with zoll instead. not a perfect way to work, but it does the same.

so thx for all your help guys Smile

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London UK

It would probably be useful at this point for somebody else in a country that uses a decimal comma to try displaying the pixel location near the right edge of a file wider than 1000 pixels and confirm the final digit is being dropped, so that we can report it to Corel as a bug.

hi there,

i too live in germany and i can confirm this "bug".. :)



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