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protection of our desian

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bara alfa posted on Sun, Jul 15 2012 2:04

I want to ask everyone how to protect the results of our design with corel draw format, so we design can only be opened in Corel and can not in foxes

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It is hard to open a CorelDraw file in anything other than CorelDraw. To do so would require the programmer that created the other program to also create an import filter, which would be quite a substantial task.

However, anybody who has the CorelDraw program would be able to open the file and could therefore save it in another format that another program could open.

I'm not sure what you mean by "not in foxes". Firefox or Foxpro maybe? Neither of them are graphics design programs and neither will directly open a CorelDraw .CDR file.


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if you talk about to send your file to other people or company, the only way is to Publish as PDF and add a password protection on the Security tab

If it's for native CDR files, sorry, there's no way, except don't send the file and send a JPG instead

Ariel Garaza Díaz


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A while back I posted a similar topic on a sign makers thread.  I posted about how you can create password protected pdfs.  One person responded that he could probably bypass the password, so I posted the file.  Sure enough, he and a few others were able to open and edit the artwork.  The programs they listed that allowed them to do so were FlexiSIGN and Inkscape to name a few.  However most agreed that it was sufficient enough protection for the vast majority of their clients.  I don't think this is a CorelDRAW issue, more of an Adobe pdf issue.

I know when we send sketches to clients, we first collect a down payment before doing the sketch work, then we create a bitmap sketch file that's complete with watermarks and disclaimers.

Joe Diaz

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Here's a few ideas in this thread that pertain to this topic.


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