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Corel Draw 12 will not open

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Camouflage4us Posted: Wed, Feb 13 2008 21:14

 I just downloaded corel draw 12 and whenever i open up the program, it just shows the corel draw logo and then disappears and then nothing happens.


What is happening and how do i fix this? 

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Huntsville, AL
Not sure where you downloaded it from. Most likely it isn't a legal
copy. Corel isn't selling it any more as far as I know since it's a
couple of versions back.

If, somehow, you are sure you do have a legal copy, let us know where
you got it, what kind of machine you are running it on, and whether you
are using Windows XP or Vista or something else.

You MIGHT just have a garbled download. In that case you can try
downloading again and seeing if you get better results the second time
around. "Where learning is fun!"

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