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Fonts not showing up after installing them

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kumorigoe Posted: Mon, Jun 23 2008 8:47

I'll install a font using BFN, and it still doesn't show up in the program.  What gives?

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Scott replied on Mon, Jun 23 2008 12:42

You're probably aware, but I just thought I make sure we were on the same page... there's a difference between reading in your fonts from your computer (cataloging the font locations) and installing the font to the system. You can drag the font to the install pane from the catalog. So if that's not the issue, then I would go to the control panel and open the system fonts folder and see if you check the list against the display in BFN. At the very least, this is a starting place - you'll know if the font has been installed on your system.

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Really I have no Idea About BFN , but !!! try to help ( if another subject U are Asking for  just,  take it as a hint)

Open Corel Options ( CTRL+J)

From Left Tree Click on TEXT - Fonts

Check box named: show flyout with font sample beside font list


You will see the fonts beside the Fonts Lists


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You cannot find them only in CDGS X4, or in other Windows applications as well?

If only in CDGS, make sure that you're using Unicode fonts. Otherwise you should convert them to Uniocode .

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