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graphics suite x3 won't reinstall

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imeccentric Posted: Thu, Jul 5 2007 21:30

I had a problem and removed x3 according to Corel's instructions.  Now it won't reinstall.  I get the error "1606  unable to access network location" which is normally a windows problem.  Had a tech work on it for 4 hours with me and there is no problem with windows(xp pro version). I know the regedit well by now:)   I can install other programs and even reinstalled graphics suite 12 with no problems.  Only x3 won't install. Did I miss something or could it be a bad cd(it did install fine the first time).

Their solution is bad imho.
--------------------OLD QUOTE FROM CDX3 newsgroup (my solution)
I spent some time two weeks ago with the same problem. It is fixed by removing from registry WindowsInstaller's internal records for X3.
I attached the reg-file in zip-archive (unpack it) that automatically DELETES CorelX3 records from WI only.
After it Windows thinks there is no CorelDRAW X3 installed
PLEASE BACKUP your registry using e.g. System Restore! - though this regfile only removes Corel records you'll be more confident and safe :-)
If that won't fix at once the problem, it is because every windows machine has different user index, and if so, you'll need to make some simple modifications manually:
1. open regedit
2. expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData
3. there'll be several keys like S-1-5-18. Under each of these short-spelled keys expand to ...
    ....\Products\0B54E49C6AA69BF4A9EA2280F5368108   and delete it
    ....\Products\20527A23C2CB93C4CAAECBD364F36079   and delete it
    ....\Products\8358123696A4F79448550924160B9E4E   and delete it
Here is that reg.file:


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