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J.W. Posted: Thu, Dec 25 2008 11:39

 I purchased my Corel Draw 9 program as part of a graphics design course a few years back. I recently found it in storage, and want to install it onto my laptop. The only problem I have is having lost the original paperwork and box it was packaged in, I do not know the installation code. Does anyone know if I can retrieve this information, and/or bypass the original code? Please help.

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If I remember correctly, version 9 is almost 10 years old. 

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J.W. replied on Fri, Dec 26 2008 14:05

 Yeah, I know. Life kind of got in the way. Regardless, can you help me at all?

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If you registered V9 with Corel, they might be able to help you out. Contact Customer Support


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