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Corel 12- missing toolbar

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vmac Posted: Mon, Feb 9 2009 7:40

I have been working with a design that needs the text placement under the edge of a circle. It used to be when I did this I fit to path the a text box came up that let you adjust the text above the line or below the line and change the appearance of the text. I have researched the knowledge base and this seems to fall under text placement or text on curve toolbar, but I cannot find the answer to my problem. Hopefully someone can help.

As I posted on the Eline forum for you this morning, you should be able to right click on any open space on your upper menu area and put a checkmark in front of Property Bar.

If that doesn't work, for some reason,  try re-starting Corel with the F8 key to restore factory defaults.

Let us know if you're still having problems.

Diane Jersey Girl
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