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Help! Feather or Fade Image Edges

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Windward Posted: Mon, Apr 6 2009 14:42

I am working with a rectangular photo image and want to fade all edges. I have tried the Vignette tool in CorelDraw X4 and the Feather tool in PhotoPaint. The image overlays another graphic (not a solid color) and I want it to cleanly fade over this layer. The end result of both attempts appears to be beveled or contoured instead of flat. 

How do I correct this undesired result?

Thank you.

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Puerto Rico

Select image.

Edit in PhotoPaint

Open Object Docker. If object read Background, convert it to an object/layer. There is a button to convert.

Right click object ion in Object Docker and create a Clip Mask that will show all.

Apply Gaussian Blur to taste.

Combine ClipMask by right clicking the ClipMask icon in the Object Docker.



Michael Cervantes
MC Design Studio

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Other idea: You can use the interactive Transparency Tool. First, choose "square" and "edit transparency" (the first icon in the Propierty bar). You will see the Gradient menu. Change "black" to "white", and "white" to "black". Now, you can move manually and adjust your effect


Ariel Garaza Díaz


Michael -

Thank you so much for your help. I had tried the Gaussian effect and the Interactive Transparency, but I did try them again with your outline to see if I missed something.

The transparency tool works as you have illustrated above, but I am still getting a beveled appearance around the edges. I see it in your illustration above also. This banding is not going to work with my client. I already showed this to him. Any other way to deal with this? It seems the Vignette tool was the best in older versions of Corel (started with Version 3 over 15 years ago). However, this effect also causes excessive banding and an embossed/contoured result after applied.

Sorry Ariel

I left your name off the greeting in the previous response.


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From Corel Draw, click on Edit Bitmap so that it opens in Photo Paint.

Click on the object and go to Mask/Create/Mask from Object

Then click on Mask/Mask Outline/Feather, you can set the feather amount from here

After that, go to Mask/Mask Outline/Smooth, here set the smooth radius

Right click on the object in the object docker and click on Create Clip Mask/From Mask

Then click save to update the image in Corel Draw, this should then give you a nice smooth feather :)



Thanks Andy, that works great.

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