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I can't import EPS and/or AI files

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benassi97 Posted: Sun, Apr 19 2009 11:53

I'm using Corel Draw 10 and when I import any eps or ai files and want to place them on my page it won't show anything. they just disapear. I then go to edit select all object and there is nothing there. I'm on a sony vaio laptop with Vista. When I used this same program on my old desktop (rip) with windows xp I never had a problem like that.

Files I export as eps then I can later import them without a problem. Other peoples files I have trouble with.

Can somebody give me a hand with this problem?


Which Illustrator Version Files are u trying to import? Corel 10 is too old to import even Illustrator 9 and 10 files forget about CS3 and CS4. It's time to upgrade to corel X3 or X4 now.

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Not sure how to tell what version they were created with. Like you said I guess it's time to upgrade.

It's just hard to justify upgrading for that only reason.

Your only alternative is to get everyone else to save their files as MUCH earlier versions of AI. Corel 10 filters are written for the Illustrator version that was issued the year before Corel 10 was issued, I think.

Sue McCallister COLORSPOT Visalia, CA
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Even if the upgrade is done AI must be set so that it does not compress the file.

David Milisock

Thanks for the info guys.

Is there any way somebody could import an ai file for me and send it back to me as a cdr file?

Now rather than unable to import one it says the file is corupted. Funny it opens up on potoshop.







Upload ur file here, if it's big put it on any public sharing sites like: or

The only absolute knowledge attainable by man is that life is meaningless.

— Leo Tolstoy

Hope this works.

thank you very much.


here it is:

U'll need to make some corrections in the outlines of those cartoons

The only absolute knowledge attainable by man is that life is meaningless.

— Leo Tolstoy

Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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When we try to import/open any files{pdf, eps, ai, cdr, ...} that are created in some higher version of software released after Coreldraw 10, though it tends to open that file but doesn’t really imports any objects. So the resultant is just a blank file showing nothing but a blank page.

To solve this you will have to upgrade to some of the latest version of Coreldraw (X3 or X4).


Corel could fix that by giving an option of updating the import filterts for older versions, rather than upgrading the program itself. I've been a corel user since 1, but since I only use it for light duty and between versions there aren't that much upgrades that are usefull for me, I just don't see the pay off.

Also if I could have an option to buy draw only that would be nice. There is no need for the whole suit.



Corel doesn't have time to support the older versions, They are always looking into the future.

The only absolute knowledge attainable by man is that life is meaningless.

— Leo Tolstoy

You're kidding right? There is nothing wrong with looking into the future, that is the biggest part of their job.

Now, how would you like to go to your mechanic when the starter goes out on your car and he would tell you, sorry you need to buy a new car.

Sure everything else works but you're still screwed.

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