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copy paste without background

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bab Posted: Sat, Feb 6 2010 23:11

Hi everyone,

A small doubt.

Say, I want to draw an image (new image ofcourse, say, image A) in paintshop. Now part of the image, I need to copy from another existing image(say, image B) located in my hard disk. When I tried to copy the selected portion from image B (using rectangle mask tool option), a rectangular portion gets selected, which contains the desired porion of the image B, as well a surrounding white background also. Now when I paste this on image A, the same rectangular portion, along with that white background gets pasted, which I don't want.

Is there any way, to copy-paste the desired portion of image B, without selecting the white background ?

Thankas again,





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Ozamiz The City of Stone

try masking the image you wanted and copy and paste

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