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Corel X4 .pdf file crop problem

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Giboman Posted: Tue, Feb 16 2010 23:30


i'm a professional design & print guy and I've recently come across this problem.

When i publish a file to PDF with bleed set to 3mm, crop marks, registration marks etc. ticked, anything outside of the page frame (paper width & height) is cropped back to the crop marks. This should allow any image outside the page frame to bleed over as in previous versions of Corel (i have been using Corel since 1993).

I have found a bizarre temporary solution. Every time i publish to PDF i must click the settings tab in the save window then straight away close it by clicking ok. Then when i publish the PDF there is no problem and everything is as it should be.

I can only assume this is a software bug??

I am usind Windows 7, has anyone else come across this problem????

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