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Did anyone watch the advanced webinar on CorelDRAW X5 and see it freeze & crash?

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Drew F. Posted: Tue, Jun 1 2010 17:42

Well first off, I appreciate the efforts of Corel to produce the two webinars (beginning and advanced)  on CorelDRAW X5 - thank you for doing that. Your hearts were in the right place. If any of you have not seen them yet you can access them at

While they had a lot of good tips and tricks in them, the webinars had a lot of technical issues to deal with which made following them annoying at times. Audio issues were apparent for both webinars. 

The highlight for me was the recording of a MAJOR blunder in the advanced webinar which made me laugh out loud and brought me here. The big old ghosted out screen and FROZEN APPLICATION OF DEATH. Priceless...The commentator had to force quit and restart CorelDRAW X5 right in the middle of the recorded webinar scrambling around to save face. Now the world gets to see just how buggy and completely unreliable this software suite is in its current stage of development. Can the executives at Corel FINALLY relate to its users that its flagship software suite is a huge bag of hurt and needs a serious service pack ASAP?

I have to be honest and say it was not a very good way to sell your product, at least with that first attempt at the webinars. Perhaps they might want to re-record them minus all the "issues"? People might actually believe X5 is not as buggy as it really is...

For the rest of us suffering with this program in every day production, have a look at the second webinar at a little past the midway point on the movie interface timeline, where they are going to add a distressed look to some text. It will make you feel better...

Please Corel, fix this software once and for all before releasing a new version. Your quality control and customer perception of your company have suffered with these last releases of your software suite. X5 has to be the worst release of all in terms of stability...

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Santos, Brazil

On the same intensity that I do praise for CorelDRAW also criticize its flaws, but always to stimulate the corrections. I attended the Webinar, and instead of laughing, oddly enough,  I became ashamed, because right then I was showing a friend the news of the CDGS X5. It was an inexcusable failure and that in some hypoesthesia, should not be repeated. As you say, the Quality Control of Corel is failing, as it begins to jeopardize the credibility of a software known, throughout the world, as the best in its category.

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