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WACOM Intuous4 (SMALL or any really) 1024 or 2048 pressure levels in X5?

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timd1971 posted on Fri, Jun 11 2010 14:00

I was hoping my Intuos4 would work using the 2048 pressure levels with X5...seems it does NOT.  Anybody confirm this? (windows 7 x64)

I have to set in the WACOM control panel under options to force it to 1024 levels for compatibilty with OLDER software for PRESSURE to even work in X5.  Works in 2048 levels in Illustrator CS5 and Photosshop CS5 and Painter 11.  haven't tried Autodesk Mudbox yet though...but gussing it works fine in 2048 level mode.

You would "think" that X5 being NEW, whoever implemented the wacom tablet stuff in the software would have been on top of their game and implemented the 2048 level feature of the tablet?!?!  It's not like the tablet came out AFTER X5?

Just a pain, since I have to basically downgrade the feature of the tablet JUST beacuse of Corel X5?  X5 seems to be the oddball that didn't work like it shoudl with it, while all the other big dogs DO.

if I enable 2048 levels, X5 has NO pressure...even after calibrating etc.  if i enable old 1024 levels, it works.

Hopefully this also got fixed in SP1, but doubt it.

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Houston Texas

Sorry about YOUR problem BUT you have cured mine.

Am also using Win7/64 and soon to be receiving X5 so I've been shopping for tablets.

Your "problem" will save me some money. I think I'll buy some cheap tablet, to leatrn on, then IF Corel  ever gets support I'll upgrade.  I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on Corel.

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St. Albert Alberta Canada
Worls excellently with 2048 levels here.

Paul McGee St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

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