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Windows 7, X3 DOM/MSXML4 Issue...PLEASE HELP

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BoomerKeith posted on Wed, Aug 4 2010 15:40

Hello all,

I really need help.  I've recently purchased a new computer (with windows7) and installed my CorelDraw X3 program.  I got the whole DOM cannot be created, or whatever and followed the instructions on the Corel site, which took me to the MS site for the service pack download. 

I folled the instructions there, and when I went to "register the dll", I kept getting this message

The Module "MSXML4.dll" failed to load.  Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent.DLL file

I am lost.  CorelDraw is the heart of my business, and now I cannot even get into it.  ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you!

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This problem has been well documented in the Forum. Do a Search this site using that dll name  or  even just in Google will bring up lots on it.

Here's just one link... but try the Search feature (upper right of Forum Screen) - it's very useful for all kinds of CDGS issues covering many versions.

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Thank you for the reply.  I've looked through a lot of the posts, and thus far nothing addresses my exact problem.  I'll keep looking...thank you!

digital demon,

Thank you again for your help!  I posted a new message with a link to a service pack I found.


Now, I can get back to what I know.



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