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Problems with Color Palettes changing color intensity....

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tronix7787 Posted: Mon, Sep 27 2010 20:28

I work in Windows Vista and have CorelDraw X4.

The problem is when I have to work on a file that was done in Adobe Illustrator from a Mac platform, and while working with the file in CorelDraw, the color palettes will change color intensity.

I usually get files from other designer that have a Mac platform and Adobe Illustrator as their program. They will send the file to me as either an .ai file or a .pdf.  I then import the files into CorelDraw and start working with them.

I really don't know how well to explain this, but something happens during the saving or printing phase that causes the colors to change dramatically. Their color is really off and then I have to do a restore on my computer in order to change the colors back to their original color. Resetting the factory defaults doesn't work and rebooting the computer doesn't work either.  The only thing that works is doing the restore (in light of having to do a complete re-install, which I do not want to do).

My question is does this happen to anyone else? And if it has, is their a fix, or patch that may stop this problem?

I really would like input on this issue, I just don't understand how this happens all the time.

Please help!

Thank you,

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