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Convert JPG to CDR.

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carlozeduardo Posted: Mon, Nov 22 2010 13:29

I`m not in my computer now, and I need to convert a JPG to CDR image type. Can some one help me?

This is the image that I need in CDR type.

my e-mail:


Thank you very much!

I need to convert a JPG to CDR image type.

The image below is not something that you can convert to CDR (Editable as individual objects) at the press of one command. It requires time and some skills to redraw such a graphic however that skill level doesn't have to be the most advanced one.

I`m not in my computer now

Best of luck when you get to your computer :)

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You'll need to completely redraw that. Should take long if you know what to do.

The image is Raster... and CorelDRAW files are a combination of both raster and vector.

The image looks like it uses transparencies along with other effects that can be done in CorelDRAW.

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After looking at teh image -- it will take some time to redraw that one, and I thnk alot will have to be done in PhotoPAINT as well.

I wish you luck. Tongue Tied

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This is the image that I need in CDR type.


Here's a vector but you still ight need to re-create as Aleem and others have mentioned. That would be best.



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