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Cannot uninstall or reinstall CorelDraw X5 Trail pack

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Bangalore, India
Sharath kumar Posted: Tue, Dec 7 2010 7:25

2 days back i installed CorelDraw X5 Trial pack, after installing Win XP SP3.

Yesterday, when i tried to open the software, i got an error saying "restart your computer and try again or uninstall and reinstall the software", something like that.

I tried the above, now am not able to uninstall it nor reinstall it.

When i try to reinstall, i get an option to "Modify, Repair, Remove" window, i don't see a continue option anywhere.

I have removed all the references to CorelDraw X5 form windows XP registry, even the folder from program files, but i still get this above window.

Tried 'Revo Uninstaller' but of no use, as X5 was not showing there.

Anyone had same problem, or is there any solution for this?

try this:


and also look in the startup list to see if anything is listed by corel

I have the same problem as you did... Also tried everything as you, and nothing helps... This link that you posted doesn`t work ...

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