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Jpeg to vector

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Michael B. Posted: Fri, Jan 18 2008 13:30

New to Corel, how do I convert ablack and white jpeg image to a vector image. I need a vector image to use in a vinyl cutter? Thanks Michael 

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You can try powertrace (in X3)

or rebuild the way pro's do:


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Jeff has given you one resource, I'll throw out a couple of more.
I have a whole chapter on the subject in my CorelDRAW X3 book. . There is no "simple" answer. If you are looking for a magic button to push, you won't find it. The best way is to redraw the image and this isn't nearly as hard as you think. If you just want the info from that single chapter, you can get it at though I bet the rest of the book would be very valuable for you to have.
Richard Reilly also did a tutorial on this subject. You can get it at
There are a variety of techniques to use. Once you truly know how to use CorelDRAW, the process comes pretty easily if you are given decent quality artwork.
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Mosh replied on Tue, Jan 22 2008 10:30

Right-click on the bitmap image and use the tracing options. You could also use this online vectorising tool:


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