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Altamonte Springs, Florida
Impressions posted on Fri, Apr 13 2012 10:57

Dear Corel:

Can you direct me to (or offer) a tutorial on Bitstream's Font Navigator?

I have been having all manner of difficulty with this program and have exhausted the Help resources provided with it.

I readily admit being a serious "fontaholic", so I probably have too many fonts installed, which makes a font management program an important utility.

Kenneth B. Wheeler,

Impressions, LLC

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Murrieta, California, U.S.

Unfortunately, the Bitstream Font Navigator is no longer supported by Bitstream.

OK, first rule of thumb, move all fonts, except those that came with Windows, into any directory of your choice, except Windows->Fonts. Any font in that (Wikndows->Fonts) directory is considered active, by the Windows O/S. And if you have too many active fonts at one time, you are in for major slowdowns and absorption of Windows resources.

Secondly, from the Font Navigator, build the database of fonts on your system (In BFN, Menu: File->Find Fonts). From this point on, to make a font available to an application, simply drag it from the left window to the right window. To deactivate that font, simply drag it back from the right hand window. Leave the primary Windows fonts alone.

Use the BFN Help, to understand how this utility works. If you still have questions, bring them up and we will be glad to help you out.


HuMJohn aka Hugh Johnson

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London UK

Hugh's guide is a good start, but if you need more, there are two files which get installed to the folder C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6\FontNav (they do that even in a trial download) :

Fontnav.chm is the main Help file.

readme.hlp is a quick guide.

At the risk of seeming like I'm hijacking the thread:

Has there been any work done on FontNav for CDGS X6, or is it identical to the one we got in X5?

I quite like FontNav, and there's probably not a lot of improvement it needs to continue being a good, basic font utility.  Being able to resize windows like the Duplicate Fonts list would be nice, though.

And I'd dearly love if it could override Windows 7's totally misguided Glyph Substitution routine.  That's such a pest.


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Murrieta, California, U.S.

BFN has not changed since X5. Perhaps it has been re-compiled to run in a 64 bit environment, but I did not check to see if it was, so I don't know about 64 bit version or not.

HuMJohn aka Hugh Johnson

No worries ... thanks, Hugh!

BFN still works for me as it is in X5, and I'm running it in a 64-bit Windows, so no probs.  :-)

(I'd *really* like to do something about that irritating Glyph Substitution, though.  I haven't found a font utility yet that can wrangle it.  Off-topic, but has anyone got any suggestions on that?)

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Altamonte Springs, Florida



Thank you for the suggestions. i will implement.



It shows up here:

C:\Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6\FontNav64\FontNav.exe

So I would guess it has been reconfigured.

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London UK

Hugh Johnson:
Perhaps it has been re-compiled to run in a 64 bit environmen

Fontnav.exe X4: 1046Kb 22/11/2008
Fontnav.exe X5: 1481Kb 26/01/2010
Fontnav.exe X6: 1896Kb 28/02/2012

It has certainly been recompiled, but there's no way of telling whether that's for 64 bit, for some other enhancement,  or has just picked up a yet-more-bloated version of a microsoft library that offers no extra functionality.

Incidentally, the above is from a 32 bit installation. So, even the 32 bit install is using a recompiled version.

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London UK

Being able to resize windows like the Duplicate Fonts list would be nice, though.

Yes indeed. Its less than half the width it needs to be to use it comfortably -- as proved by the two pictures I just had to post on another thread ti illustrate a bug:

We're hardly likely to be using fontnav on an ancient mobile phone, so why force us to work on a postage stamp ?

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