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PETRONIC posted on Sun, Sep 16 2012 6:32

I am registered user of CorelDraw Graphics Suite 11, but unfortunately at this moment I changed my Power Mac to Mac with OS X 10.8.1 and software works on PowerPC only.

Exist any solution?

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Well, CorelDRAW 11 is quite old version, so the best advice is to upgrade to a newest version, and use X6 under Bootcamp / Parallels / VMware. Of course, that require some money, but you will have better options, compatibilities and tools. Version 11 was not a real native Mac software, it was the same Windows version running under MacOS, but you don'y have all the features of the Windows version (auto-install fonts, VBA macros, etc), so you don' have the same performance than the same version under Windows. If you don't need to update your version, you can install version 11 under Bootcamp, Parallels or VMware, and run the program as Windows software. The program will works better

Ariel Garaza Díaz


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