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Merge using a combination of data and photos

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Rikk Flohr Posted: Wed, Feb 6 2008 10:22

I need to set up a document ( a book cover for a swim team) that will have graphic and text elements. Each swimmer will have a personalized book cover with his name and photo and maybe a couple of other elements.  I know how to use print merge to pull in names on this document but I will need to include a person-specific picture on each page. Does anyone know how to merge in photos? I don't want to create 48 versions of this single page item.

If Allan Shearer were here, he would tell me to do it in Ventura with DB Publisher :-)

Rikk Flohr
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I don't know of anyway to do this in CorelDRAW. But you can do it with DB
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As Foster says, I don't know of any good way to do that in X3.
For future reference, in X4, you can do the text print merge and print
to a .CDR file, then just drag in your images. (At least I don't THINK
image fields are allowed in X4, but haven't tried it.) Or simply
duplicate the page 48 times and drag in names and images. Might be a
good reason for upgrading.
Sorry I can't help more.
Val P. "Where learning is fun!"

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