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How to make one object from several different objects.

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DKali posted on Tue, May 21 2013 9:23


I drew a school notebook (mathematical design). One sheet of paper has a several lines on one rectangle... there is a logo also etc...

I need to  transform this sheet of paper with shape tool. I need it in a few different transformed versions for later animation.

Any option that I've tried does not work: Group option,  arrange -> shaping options ... 

Shape tool works with one object, so I don't know how to make one object from several different object or there is some another way...


Thanks in advance!


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Well I don't think I have completely understood your question. But Combine (Ctrl+L) will make one shape out of all selected valid vector shapes. However the new (i.e. combined object will have all attributes of the last selected object for combining. Also to remember, is that the overlapping areas from all closed shapes will be hollow or say 'see through'.

Can you post the file? Did you rasterize part of this file?


Here is the file for better understending...



I wish we had these effects within Draw, but if you rasterize it, and use PhotoPaint with plugins, you can achieve this.......

I thought so... :) I was hoping I'd make it with curves.

Thank you!!!!

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Mike in Canada:
and use PhotoPaint with plugins

which plug ins did you use for that? Smile


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Mike Ver Duin:

Mike in Canada:
and use PhotoPaint with plugins

which plug ins did you use for that? Smile

AV Bros page curl,

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you may use other tool some like power clip, envelope etc... but i thought this was a simple way i did

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