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I will whole heartedly second this request. I use Brian's World Scale macro every day along with the other two designers who I oversee. This is an indispensible feature when dealing with large fabrication detail drawings.

I use it like this... design a large monument sign. Do a call-out for a minor detail. Change to a larger scale and draw the detail next to the monument. No need to draw it tiny then scale it up. I just change the scale to deal with the area I can draw in.

Yes this function would be great to have. Espacally in Corel Designer X4 and for Corel Draw x4.

Please make this happend. 

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Brisbane Australia

This sort of stuff is really easy to achieve with a macro. I have a mini version of the colour manager that is like this.

You don't have to wait for Corel to make it you can make it yourself. Or encourage Jeff, they take donations over there as encouragement.

Or you can have a go at it and post your issues and get help here. Remember the macro recorder with provide clues.



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<pierrej> wrote in message

Yes this function would be great to have.

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I totally agree. Please Corel: this toolbar is absolutely needed!

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