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Kimberly Posted: Wed, Oct 1 2008 8:07

 Is there any place to download extra shapes to put in the basic shapes? Or if you make a shape can you add into the basic shapes so you do not have to inport each time you use it?



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Pune, India

Hi Kimberly

I don't think you can save the created shapes as basic shapes. But you may give a try to save the created shapes in Symbol Library.



Thanks, I never thought of using the scrapbook feature to make a symbol folder of my own.



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I have a folder near my clipart (easy to reach from the Scrapbook), contains shapes or media I frequently use. This way you can put objects, not only symbols, in your drawing. So you have two options: any media from Scrapbook and symbols from the Symbol Library.

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 I am new to tall of this. I have been using Corel Suites since corel 3. I am looking for help with some of the drawings I see on this site. Can anyone of you excellent designers direct me to a place that shows how to so the stuff you are doing? All your Galleries are great. I look at them and they really make me feel less than. Thanks

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