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Mother of God`s

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Mother of God`s
posted by trojza
Sat, Mar 12 2011
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Delacroix wrote that artists, generally people stupid. Aren't able to tell about the pictures, without being covered with the terms familiar to only narrow circle. For example, such direction in art as «magic realism», not too is renowned. Really, what sense has to the artist to belong to there is nobody a current? Especially a little known? And me, somehow not very well. I belong =)

Each artist on our times is inclined to invent to itself own direction. Here and me it was necessary not to invent, and proceeding from some knowledge to "be built in" tendencies. More truly to understand what to be pleasant to look during this period and what to draw.

Better to say, I won't hide that all it – postprecisionism vector perola barroca

The most part drew at once a tablet in a vector, but the source code has been drawn by me in 2003.


Sub GDG_John( ) wrote re: Mother of God`s
on Sat, Mar 12 2011 18:07

I find myself taking some time to look at it and absorb it. I love how the detail of the pattern gets smaller on the clothing. I also like the head and the flowers.

Nice work.


trojza wrote re: Mother of God`s
on Sat, Mar 12 2011 18:28

How did nice when someone understands your work, Yohn. Thank you!

GadGett wrote re: Mother of God`s
on Sun, Mar 13 2011 7:58

Иллюстрация отличная, надпись "magic redlizm..." - просто подвиг!

GadGett wrote re: Mother of God`s
on Sun, Mar 13 2011 8:05

Фактически за мою практику первый копирайт на изображении который его не портит, а украшает. Обычно люди ставят нубскую подпись шрифтом с завитушечками курсивчиком, пошленько так и радуются что загубили этим работу, как в поговорке "Осла в шкуре льва видно из далека, по размеру его логотипа".

Но только не тут. Здесь копирайт - украшение работы.

Виз май респект...

GadGett wrote re: Mother of God`s
on Sun, Mar 13 2011 8:11

Прошелся по другим работам, Тристан и Изольда, Свобода и др. давно не видел такого чистого гравюрного мышления и уважения к шрифтам.

mo wrote re: Mother of God`s
on Fri, Mar 18 2011 3:46

One word: ART!

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