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Quiet Waters

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Quiet Waters
posted by Giulio
Wed, Nov 7 2012
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File size: 131.5kB
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Jesus Cota wrote re: Quiet Waters
on Sat, Nov 10 2012 0:42

Nice scene Giulio!

Giulio wrote re: Quiet Waters
on Sun, Nov 11 2012 17:47

Thank y Jesus... not easy mesh fill

let me ask is it acceptable to sovrapposte mesh or should it be done in one level.

Jesus Cota wrote re: Quiet Waters
on Mon, Nov 12 2012 23:43

Hello Giulio.

I think it's acceptable mesh overlay. Since it seems very difficult (but no impossible) to do in one piece this design.

You use power clip for parts?

Giulio wrote re: Quiet Waters
on Tue, Nov 13 2012 10:49

Thank you for your help...I only use free hand drawing with a mouse some time withwacom I hope to get better at it it's never too late to learn even at my age.

My best regards to you Jesus.

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