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Ana Al-Wa6an

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Ana Al-Wa6an
posted by Ahmad Ajlouny
Wed, Jun 24 2009
Downloads: 267
File size: 63.3kB
Views: 1,669

© 2009 Ahmad Ajlouny, all rights reserved.

The title "Ana Al-Wa6an" is Arabic written in English letters which says "أنا الوطن".

This work is vectors I painted in CorelDRAW X4, using a brush I design which you can download and use.

Download the brush

Painted with the same brush

  1. Moss Face
  2. Freedom Wings
  3. You better be good at being "good"

The 3rd work is my entry in the CorelDRAW Design Contest (thumb below), and you are the jury. I hope you like it and rate it. Your rating (clicking the yellow stars on the contest entry page) will decide the winners.

Thank you everybody for your support :)

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