1st Lesson! Corel DRAW – Pick Tool - Part 1

Dear Members,

Let us learn Corel DRAW togather. We are covering Corel DRAW lessons with 12th version. But I am sure you can still manage lot of things with older versions.

Pick Tool is one of the most important tools used in Corel DRAW for selection and for editing of the graphic.

  1. Open Corel DRAW.
  2. Select Rectangle Tool from the toolbox. It's on the 6th from top.
  3. Draw rectangle.
  4. Once you draw it, it is selected by default.
  5. Now select Pick Tool. It's the top most tools in the toolbox.
  6. Click anywhere outside the rectangle. It will get deselected.
  7. Click on the line of the rectangle. It will get selected.
  8. Keep the pick tool within rectangle it will change the cursor into move icon.
  9. Press and drag the mouse button to move the rectangle.
  10. This is the image with Move icon (marked by green circle) within the selected rectangle.

With regards
Atul Thakur
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