37th Lesson! Corel DRAW – Interactive Transparency Tool

Dear Members,

A bit tricky tool gives you transparent object. It provides the transparency in terms of gradation where the black gives full
transparency and the white gives opaque object. We need to draw two different colored objects to check out the transparency.

  1. Open Corel DRAW.
  2. Select Rectangle Tool and draw rectangle. Fill it with red color.
  3. Draw another rectangle which will overlap the large portion of the previous red rectangle. Fill this new rectangle with green color.
  4. Keep the top green rectangle selected.
  5. Select Interactive Transparency Tool. It's in the same menu that of Interactive Blend Tool, eleventh from the top in the tool box. You need to press the menu to display the tool.
  6. Place the cursor at the top left corner of the green rectangle and drag it to the bottom right corner.
  7. You will get the dotted line with small white and the black rectangle at an end.
  8. You will notice that the portion around white rectangle is opaque and the portion around the black rectangle is transparent where you can see red rectangle through it.
  9. Try to drag the cursor in any other direction while you practice this lesson for the second time.

With regards
Atul Thakur
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