136th Lesson! Corel DRAW – Blend Effect - Part 10

Dear Members,

Selecting different option from the color wheel in the blend docker can produce interesting effects.

  1. Open Corel DRAW.
  2. Draw square using rectangle tool. Fill it with red color.
  3. Draw another square using rectangle tool. Fill it with green color.
  4. Select both the shapes.
  5. Go to menu.
  6. Effects > Blend
  7. Select blend color tab.
  8. This time select the next option that is counter clockwise path.
  9. Please make a note that counter clockwise path from red to green covers less colors than clockwise path.
  10. But it will cover the colors from red to green, accommodating more colors than direct path.
  11. Press “Apply”
  12. You will get the blend effect with intermediate colors of counter clockwise path in the intermediate steps.


With regards
Atul Thakur
Simplicity is the shortest distance between two points – Zen