• Tue, Dec 16 2014

    The Tip of The Week: Vector Pixel Art?

    Have you ever wanted to try your hand at pixel art? You can actually do it in CorelDRAW and in vector too. The first thing you need to do is select the Graph Paper tool (Toolbox > Graph Paper) . Once that tool has been selected, in the Property bar you can specify how many columns and rows you want. I prefer to use the same number of columns as rows so that if I hold down the Ctrl-key while drawing the table, each...
    • Fri, Dec 12 2014

    New tutorial: Retouching Digital Camera Images for CMYK Print Jobs by Pratik Shah

    In this tutorial, Pratik Shah, CorelDRAW Master and one of Corel's Strategic Training Partners in India, will be covering some important steps for retouching digital camera images ready for processing for use in a CMYK print job. Click here to learn more Note: this tutorial is available in 11 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Traditional and Simplified...
    • Thu, Dec 11 2014

    New tutorial: Creating a Seasonal Greetings Card with Corel® CONNECT and CorelDRAW® X7 by Suzanne Smith

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 offers a wealth of additional content in the form of stock images, fonts and cliparts. In today's tutorial, in time for the holiday season, we will show you how to quickly find content for creating your own seasonal greetings card using Corel CONNECT. Then, in CorelDRAW we will be bringing all of our design elements together to create a truly personal greetings card. Learn more! Note...
    • Thu, Dec 11 2014

    Don't miss the opportunity to ask all your questions to Joe Diaz today!

    Graphic designer, sign artist and CorelDRAW Master Joseph Diaz will be available today just for you! So, join him on the CorelDRAW Facebook page ( facebook.com/coreldrawgraphicssuite ) from 1:00 to 2:00pm EDT.
    • Wed, Dec 10 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Combine the Corel Sepia Toning effect, the Time Machine Camera effect and the Eraser tool to create cool photos

    Here I took a very simple smartphone photo while on the highway E4 going south. I was not driving! 1. Open the image in Corel PHOTO-PAINT and right-click on the object to duplicate the background object, creating a new object. 2. Go to Effects > Camera > Sepia toning and apply a Sepia effect. 3. Then grab the Eraser tool ( Toolbox > Eraser ), and erase part of the Sepia toning object. I chose the van. 4. When...
    • Fri, Dec 5 2014

    Don't miss December webinar by Joe Diaz: Designing Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

    Join graphic designer, sign artist and CorelDRAW Master Joseph Diaz to get his techniques for creating vehicle wrap layouts. In this webinar, you will learn how to:- use elements of a strong brand throughout the entire wrap design- work with the sha...
    • Tue, Dec 2 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Page-by-Page Guidelines

    By default, when you add a new guideline in CorelDRAW, they are created on Master Guides layer. Meaning, they are visible on all pages irrespective of whether you want it to be displayed for that particular page or not. In complex multipage design jobs this can create havoc and mess up your workflow. You can instead opt for page-by-page guides wherein the guidelines will be visible only on that specific page. 1. Go...
    • Tue, Nov 25 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Quickly repositioning masked Content in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

    To create a 'floating' Mask, begin by masking a desired area > hovering the mouse cursor over the area for a second > then dragging the content to a new position ‒ all without switching the tool. Tip provided by Maurice Beumers, CorelDRAW Master, Graphic designer and illustrator.
    • Wed, Nov 19 2014

    The Tip of the Week: How to set different page sizes to same document in CorelDRAW

    When working with multi-page documents, CorelDRAW allows you set the individual pages sizes to be identical or different sizes. With nothing on the page selected, click on icons as shown in the figure below. If you want different page sizes, select the Current Page icon and set it/them to the desired dimensions. Tip provided by Silvio Gomes, CorelDRAW Master, Artist and Graphic Designer
    • Mon, Nov 17 2014

    A must-read tutorial: The incredible CorelDRAW Polygon tool by Anna María López López

    In this tutorial, Anna María López López, founder of www.corelclub.org and author of numerous digital design books, shows us how easy it is to create beautiful, geometric designs using the Polygon tool-a tool that enables you to produce amazingly complex, symmetrical designs by simply moving nodes. Click here to learn much more! Note: this tutorial is available in 11 languages (English, German...
    • Thu, Nov 13 2014

    Reminder! Don't miss the opportunity to ask all your questions to Anand!

    Would you like to learn more about working with curves? Don't miss the opportunity to ask all your questions to Anand Dixit , CorelDRAW Master and Strategic Training Partner for CorelDRAW in India, on the CorelDRAW Facebook page ( facebook.com/coreldrawgraphicssuite ). It will be today from 1:00 to 2:00pm EDT.
    • Tue, Nov 11 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Adjusting the contrast of your vector designs

    When designing signs, advertisements or logos, contrast is extremely important. One of the best ways to test the contrast of a design is to convert your colored design to a gray-scale design. There are many ways to do this, but one of my favorites is to select your design go to Effects > Adjust > Hue/Saturation/Lightness , then pull your Saturation slider down to -100. If you aren't happy with the contrast of...
    • Thu, Nov 6 2014

    New webinar: Working with Curves - a simple-to-follow webinar for non-professional graphic designers

    Join Anand Dixit, CorelDRAW Master and Strategic Training Partner for CorelDRAW in India, for tips and tricks when working with curves. This webinar will cover the following topics: - Simple techniques for using the Trim & Weld tools to create precision shapes faster! - Using the Virtual Segment Delete and Smart Fill tools to get better results - Joining multiple open curves at one go with Join Curves - Adding bleeds...
    • Tue, Nov 4 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Lomography photo effect

    A Lomography photo effect is an effect made when working with artistic photography using an analog LCA Camera and mixing chemicals when processing it to a final photo on paper. This is one method of reproducing a Lomo effect using Corel PHOTO-PAINT in a few quick steps to get you started. Remember you can use other methods, this is only one way of doing it. For this exercise I am using a photo I took myself, and the image...
    • Wed, Oct 29 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Object Style Preview

    In CorelDRAW X7, you can now preview the color defined in a specific Object Style by hovering with the mouse over the style name. For e.g. in the image below, Object Style Fill 2 with a blue color has been selected, but by simply hovering the cursor over Object Style Fill 1 will show a preview of the fill color without actually selecting the style. This is an extremely handy feature, especially when many object styles...
    • Fri, Oct 24 2014

    New Third-Party tutorial: Create a Glass Bead by Steve Bain

    Creating virtually any kind of glass-like effect is by far a favorite of most Web graphic or interface designers. There's nothing more satisfying than having the ability to create simulated lighting effects in a virtual, dust-free environment. Thanks to CorelDRAW's interactive effects, many of the objects you need to achieve these effects can be created automatically. To be successful with the effect, you can...
    • Wed, Oct 22 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Backup Save vs. Save to Checkpoint in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

    If you are like me, wanting to be sure that you always have the most recent copy of your file, without caring about saving every time, then you might have enabled ' Auto-save every X minutes' under Tools > Options > Workspace > Save . However, "Save to Checkpoint" might also be an option for you, when you don't want to fill up your hard drive storage with extra data. Tip provided by...
    • Wed, Oct 22 2014

    Join us at SGIA Expo 2014 in Las Vegas!

    The CorelDRAW® team will be at SGIA Expo 2014 at Las Vegas Convention Center (Central Hall) from October 22nd to 24th . Visit us at booth #306 and find out how you can maximize your design potential. Stop by to get a hands-on tutorial, watch a demo, or win some cool gear including free boxes of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7. We hope to see you there! For more information, click here!
    • Fri, Oct 17 2014

    New Third-party tutorial: Create a 3D Gear using CorelDRAW’s Extrude Rotation Effect by Steve Bain

    For many versions now, CorelDRAW has included extrusion features that enable to apply depth to a single object and rotate it interactively. While it's far from 3D modelling, it certainly presents some interesting creative possibilities for drawing objects that would otherwise be challenging to manufacture using manual methods. In this next tutorial, I'll show you how to use 3 ordinary objects to manufacture a...
    • Tue, Oct 14 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Display pages in CorelDRAW

    When you are working with multiple pages in same document into CorelDRAW you can quickly toggle/display previous/next pages just pressing Page Up (previous page) / Page Down (following page) on keyboard. Tip provided by Silvio Gomes, CorelDRAW Master, Artist and Graphic Designer.
    • Thu, Oct 9 2014

    New tutorial available : Design your desk by Joseph Diaz

    Are you involved with technical drawings? CorelDRAW Technical Suite adds advanced technical drawing tools to the creative design power of CorelDRAW. In this tutorial, Joe Diaz, CorelDRAW Master, Printer and Sign maker will be walking you through a project for creating a custom-built desk - from the first design steps to the final, finished product, using isometric drawing tools in Corel DESIGNER. Click here to red...
    • Tue, Oct 7 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Apply multiple transparent gradients to the same shape

    In CorelDRAW X7 you can apply gradient transparencies to shapes in two different ways. The first way is by using the ' Transparency Tool' (Toolbox > Transparency tool) , however in CorelDRAW X7 you now can apply transparency to the colors when creating gradients by using your ' Interactive Fill Tool' (Object Properties docker > Fill properties > Fountain Fill > Interactive Fill tool) . The...
    • Fri, Oct 3 2014

    New blog post: Photo Retouching in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7 by Fernando Gonzalez

    Beauty touch-ups are a popular form of digital retouching in portrait photography. The techniques usually involve reshaping on enhancing parts of an image as well as removing unwanted and distracting elements. Whether you are going for the glamorous magazine look, adding artistic effects to your photo or just looking to remove some blemishes, Corel PHOTO-PAINT provides you with an array of tools to help you get the job...
    • Thu, Oct 2 2014

    New webinar available: Tips & Tricks - Handling Paragraph & Artistic Texts in CorelDRAW X7 (English subtitles)

    Silvio Gomes, graphic designer and CorelDRAW Master presents how to go beyond the standard features and get a new look to your work, including: - Formatting and special effects - Columns, tables and wrapping images - Flowing long texts between pages - Distortions, perspective, extrusions, placing texts inside containers and more ... Note : this webinar is in Brazilian Portuguese and includes English substitles. ...
    • Tue, Sep 30 2014

    The Tip of the Week: Creating customized rounded corners on rectangles with the mouse

    We can apply corner rounding to rectangles from the Property bar all at once or, use the input boxes for a custom rounding of corners individually. You can also apply round corners to rectangles by simply dragging one of the corner with Shape tool ( F10 ). However, this will apply even rounding to all four corners. What if you wanted to apply custom rounding to all four corners using manual mouse drags? Well, you can...