• Fri, Dec 19 2014

    Christmas songs and pasta bolognese

    Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra singing Christmas songs. While making dinner with pasta and bolognese.  Garlic and paprika. Soon guests arrive. Calm and restful just before they come. Mia and I sit and rest. Golden colours and red colours with lid candles around. Yesterday we had snow. Had we had it today it would had been even more picturesque. Enjoy you dinner wherever you are Stefan Lindblad
    • Wed, Dec 17 2014

    A new work day and a new CorelDRAW day

    Hello fellow artist, designers and CorelDraw users around the world. Hope you have a great day working today. Feeling inspired. If you had a tough week or day, how about grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and listen to some music or favorite talk radio channel. Something positive. To get you going a new day like this one. Clients coming into your store, give them a smile. Go to your favorite community site like community...
    • Sun, Dec 14 2014

    Now I am also on Vimeo, Drawing a Helicopter

    I alredy have a Youtube Channel with Videos. I will post more as we go. Today I finally registered an account on VIMEO. And when uploading the video, I found I couldnt use the same music when posting it on vimeo. So fortunately I found classic music and an airplane sound with my corel VideoStudio Pro Video editing program to use instead. So I made a quick edit and now posted it. Here my Vimeo Account link https://vimeo...
    • Sun, Dec 14 2014

    Dog training – I believe in Positive Reinforcement

    I am really happy to hear when friends get a new family member in form of a dog. In Sweden for some reason Cesar Milan (& Swedish Börjesson) is the main TV dog training show. I do not like punishment dog training. Unfortunately when talking dog training and philosophy behind it, this topic can easily go way over board. I dont like to talk dog training on my blog´s too much. But I am FORE Positive Reinforcement dog...
    • Fri, Dec 12 2014

    Lucia in Sweden

    Women with burning candles on their heads will sing, all dressed in white and blood red ribbons – it’s Lucia. One of Sweden ‘ s most important holidays. And how all Nobel prize winners will be woken up: a group of them entering their room while singing. And maybe give them ginger cookies. It all makes sense. It’s the Lucia festivities Stefan Lindblad
    • Mon, Dec 1 2014

    Ghostscript and CorelDRAW, Photo-Paint, included

    If you are using a version of CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT prior to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, then you might like to know that since version X5, the RIP Software Ghostscript and Ghostview are included. If you have the DVD, then simply go to the folder on the DVD and install them. Many have used Ghostscript and Ghostview and with X5, when Corel totally rewamped and rebuilt the Color Engine, and make it 100% ICC...
    • Sat, Nov 29 2014

    Sunday philosophy topic: What is fair and what is not – Common sense rarely rule

    Capitalism can be as bad as Communism, it all boils down to common sense. Now the human race often don’t use common sense at all. It’s against its nature when it comes to money in their own pocket. This movie attached is about the Waltons family: Wal-Mart, but it can easily be applied to any capitalist or Communist power-hungry leader in any country. Political or non-political. Which equals Power and control...
    • Fri, Nov 28 2014

    Hockey Legend Alfredsson ends his career in Ottawa

    Hockey = Alfredsson. In Sweden and many parts of the world, the biggest Swede is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but after once visiting Ottawa, Canada in 2012, before and after that trip, Alfredsson is the bigger name. At some point it bordered God status, like at the local SecondCup coffee shop close to the hotel. After reading the Sports pages you understand a bit more how important Alfredsson was for Ottawa Senators. When I...
    • Sun, Nov 23 2014

    Christmas songs and the world rage on

    It is time for Christmas holidays around the world. And despite being religious or frankly plainly not, this time of year is that time most of us long to be with someone and feel the love. Or feel that the world isn’t all that bad after all. We hope the evil will just stop. After all who really wants anything other than peace. And still there is always evil around us. We can cover our eyes and pretend it’s...
    • Sun, Nov 16 2014

    Reading interesting notes of history leads further

    I really enjoy reading history.  Sometimes just small notes here and there. Those notes can be notes and links in a longer text. For example I read the Turkish president Erdogan claim Muslims discovered the Americas before Columbus. Historians comment and say Erdogan miss understand the historic notes of eyewitnesses and that historians haven’t found […]
    • Sat, Nov 15 2014

    Designing a telephone: the classic Cobra from Ericsson, Sweden

    When I was a kid, there Swedish telecom company LM Ericsson had since way back designed and introduced maybe one of the best and most beautiful phones ever designed: the Kobra phone. Or with english spelling “Cobra phone”. The original design had more rounded shapes, and the newer following design of the Kobra Phone (Kobratelefonen […]
    • Fri, Nov 14 2014

    The perfect christmas gift: buy the book & kids will get to eat food in Venezuela!

    I recommend the perfect christmas gift, buy the book “Criollo: A Taste of Venezuela” and kids will get to eat food in Venezuela! I have bought the book myself. The book is written & designed buy a great guy, human being I got to meet in Ottawa, Canada, when visiting Corel Corp, in Nov-Dec 2012. […]
    • Tue, Oct 21 2014

    New release of Corel CAD 2015

    Corel have released the New version of Corel CAD 2015. Now with more possibilities to use files exchanged with CorelDRAW and Corel Designer (CorelDRAW technical Suite).  You get among things: Industry-standard CAD features Comprehensive 2D drafting and 3D design tools High-performance CAD engine Flexible options to customize and automate Visit Corel´s website for more information. […]
    • Wed, Oct 15 2014

    CorelDRAW X7 tutorial Align & Distribute on my Youtube Channel

    I just uploaded to my Youtube Channel a new video tutorial on how to use Align & Distribute Docker on Objects, in CorelDRAW X7. This works the same in CorelDRAW X6 for anyone who uses CorelDRAW X6. This is a very good feature when you work in any type of production and really need to […]
    • Wed, Oct 15 2014

    What confirms it´s World War III – in a way it´s Raging already

    What is confirming if the World War III is raging in full flames. In a way it´s already a World War III raging in full flames. If compared to the previous WW I and WW II, what constitutes might be if several countries fight against each other on a wider spectrum. For example the old […]
    • Wed, Oct 15 2014

    CorelDRAW X7 tutorial: Create round corner Radius using the Fillet Docker

    I made a new tutorial now available on my Youtube channel. In this tutorial I show how to create a round corner on an object using the Fillet, Scallop and Campher Docker in CorelDRAW X7. And in combination with the Guidelines tool and Smart Fill tool. In any kind of business you might need to […]
    • Fri, Oct 10 2014

    CEO of Microsoft ask women trust the system

    Wow… What a Male *** CEO of Microsoft.  Regardless he tried to refrased himself. “Women, ask for a raise.  Trust the system” Read entire article here Stefan Lindblad Illustrator,  Artist & graphic designer www.stefanlindblad.com www.canvas.nu
    • Thu, Oct 9 2014

    Why PayPal’s Split From eBay Threatens 70 Million Americans & rest of the world

    Read this if you use PayPal.  It might affect you. Quote:// PayPal’s coming split from eBay potentially threatens eBay, Apple Pay, and all the ungainly legacy tech companies whose investors are now pushing them to break into pieces.  But there’s also a large group of people for whom the PayPal-eBay breakup is bad news: anyone […]
    • Wed, Oct 8 2014

    Corel CEO Tom Berquist about Corel Painter at IDF14: Corel på YouTube

    Check this video from Intel IDF14: Corel CEO Tom Berquist talks about the great new 2 in 1 technology supported by Corel Painter : http://youtu.be/OpbjiSXPV-Y Stefan Lindblad Illustrator,  graphic designer & Artist www.stefanlindblad.com www.canvas.nu CorelRAW Master
    • Sat, Sep 27 2014

    Are you also annoyed by Wacom Touch? – Here the solution

      Are you like me both annoyed and sometimes in tune with Touch feature on Wacom Intuos Pro? Well here is a solution that may eas the annoyance for you today. On the actual Tablet when buttons and ring is on your left hand side, go for the top button. Click and the Touch is […]
    • Tue, Sep 16 2014

    Me drawing a Helicopter Live in my sketchbook

    In this video I recorded myself drawing on free hand a Helicopter. Using my marker pens. (Touch pen by ShinHan and Faber-Castell) I originally recorded the video for a video made by M. Adam creating the video for Corel Corporation. Made for the Video presentation they did about me for their Hero´s video after they […]
    • Tue, Sep 16 2014

    My illustration & Cover Art Design for “Jack Stone” crime Novel

    Stefan Lindblad illustration, cover art, graphic desing, book cover for the Jack Stone Crime novel 2014. One of the book cover art & designs I made this summer was for the crime thriller novel “Jack Stone”, written by the two authors Steven Savile and Steve Lockley. Jack Stone” is a thriller written by bestselling authors […]
    • Wed, Sep 10 2014

    Enjoy feeling paranoid? – Meteorite just passed undetected

    Enjoy feeling paranoid? Here something for you. Nasa says according to CNN:  “9,672 near-Earth objects have been discovered as of February 5, 2013. Of these, 1,374 have been classified as Potentially Hazardous Asteroids”- only 1% discovered of possible meteorites according to some studies. (I have no clue myself). One is heading towards earth. 31 aug […]
    • Sun, Aug 31 2014

    Corel Photo-Paint Tutorial: Image Edit & Sky

    Corel Photo-Paint Image EDITING & CREATING A BLUE Sky. Here a New tutorial in which you will learn to use Corel Photo-Paint for image editing. Create a blue sky and using non destructive Lens Object, And how to use a Grayscale Lens (Filter) effect to improve a colour photo. I wrote this tutorial dedicated for […]
    • Sun, Aug 31 2014

    Big options dialogs patch 1.3, X5-X7 support added

    Bigger Options dialogs for CorelDRAW & PhotoPAINT v11-X7. The patcher: exe or 7z (mirror: exe or 7z ), run it as Admin