• Thu, Aug 30 2007

    Laser Engraving Boot Camp

    With an upcoming CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot Camp labeled as being geared towards Laser Engraving, we get asked the differences from our "regular" Boot Camps. The quick answer is that we remove information of less interest to those doing laser ...read more
    • Thu, Aug 30 2007

    How to install and launch a VBA Macro

    In some ways, I think VBA macros are big part of CorelDRAW's future. Often times, a technical solution that many Corelians have yearned for - sometimes for years - can be provided by other CorelDRAW users directly. Perhaps there's a feature or ...read more
    • Wed, Aug 29 2007

    Powertips Boost Productivity

    In a year's time I talk to thousands of CorelDRAW users. Some are beginners and some have very advanced skills. Nobody, and I mean nobody, knows everything about the program. Even the engineers who created the program can learn something new on a ...read more
    • Wed, Aug 29 2007

    Math Functions Provide Cool Designs

    A great macro, Oberon Function Plotter , has been available for CorelDRAW for quite some time. Unfortunately I think many CorelDRAW users dismiss this macro as they don't feel they have a need to plot mathematical equations. It probably doesn't ...read more
    • Wed, Aug 29 2007

    Photo Templates Make Personalized Products Easier

    There has been an explosion in digital photos in the past few years as I've documented in an earlier post . Combine that with digital garment printers and sublimation products and there is a market for personalized photographic templates. Digital ...read more
    • Tue, Aug 28 2007

    X-Rite Buys Pantone

    Last week there was a big announcement in the world of color . X-Rite agreed to buy Pantone . X-Rite makes a number of devices for measuring and calibrating color in the computer and printing worlds. Pantone is best known for their PMS color matching ...read more
    • Tue, Aug 28 2007

    The Masses Have Gone Digital

    Jeff Harrison and I recently returned from our European Boot Camp Cruise. The ship was massive with over 3500 passengers plus 1200 crew. As we observed our fellow passengers, we noticed that almost every camera we saw was digital. That really wasn't ...read more
    • Mon, Aug 27 2007

    wx_TOOLS macro package

    The package of versatile handy tools I use currently to slipstream my workflow. wx. PClipPick - pick a powerclipped shape(s) without entering powerclip editing mode. Works with keyboard assignment only: for example "W" and "Shift-W" (to add to selection). Repeat the macro to pick nested shapes.   wx. InvertSelection - invert shapes selection   wx. ZoomOutBack - to replace F3 hotkey, restores old pre...
    • Mon, Aug 27 2007

    workspace UI storage cleanup

    Test version which helps greatly maintaining large customized UI workspaces. You need it when it takes too long to open options's customization list (more than 1-2 seconds) which occures usually after a few months of moderate UI customizing. The macro works from inside of Draw as usual gms do, and optimizes UI .xml storage c:\Documents and Settings\ **XPaccount** \ Application Data\Corel\Graphics13\User Workspace...
    • Mon, Aug 27 2007


    I want to facilitate GMS usage and here is the pilot project wx_GMStools. load a gms from anywhere by just drag'n'drop and make it available for running/editing in this session only load and copy gms to standard Draw gms folder rebuild a gms file to reduce its size before distribution. Works better than File->Save and produces files much smaller in case of complex project structure. create an empty gms without...
    • Wed, Aug 22 2007

    Fonts, Fonts and More Fonts

    It seems that every user is always looking for more fonts. They may have a need for a specific font or they may be looking for fresh ideas. Some of you want to manage fonts, others need to identify a font and there are even users wanting to create their ...read more
    • Thu, Aug 2 2007

    Font Navigator issues after updating CorelDRAW X3

    After updating my system, CorelDRAW X3 didn't seem as helpful as it had been before for installing the required fonts for the opened PDF or EPS. reverting to the old Font Navigator DLL file did the trick for me. Draw must be closed. Back up the existing ...read more