• Thu, Oct 25 2007

    MacroMonster.Com - Don't be scared!

    There's a new single place that will have all the macros for CorelDRAW & Photo-PAINT. All the top macro authors are contributing authors. Go have a look! http://macromonster.com/ ...read more
    • Thu, Oct 25 2007

    High Dynamic Range Photography

    I'd like to tell you that I'm an expert on the subject of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, but I'm not. It is a combination of photography techniques and software that creates some pretty amazing results. If you want a very complete overview ...read more
    • Tue, Oct 23 2007

    Illustration, new again

    It was about time again to show a selected illustration, this one made with the software CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint, included in the CorelDRAW Graphic Suite. I used photographs I took on site myself in London, England and pen/bezier tool. Stefan ...read more
    • Fri, Oct 12 2007

    New Tileable Textures Available for Free

    I've spoken before about how much I love Genetica's products for creating seamless textures. There is Wood Workshop which creates a wide variety of wood textures. Did I mention it is completely free? Then there is Genetica which can create all ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 10 2007

    Color Calibrate Your Monitor in 10 Minutes or Less

    When I first saw Pantone's Huey Pro at the Photo Marketing Association show last March, I was impressed. For whatever reason it took me six months to actually order one. It arrived yesterday and sat on my desk until a little while ago. From the time ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 10 2007

    Do you use DXF Export in CorelDRAW?

    I got a call a few days back from someone who wanted to drive a CNC Router with CorelDRAW. I have absolutely no experience with doing this so I did a little research on the subject. I ran across a very interesting utility, DXFTools , that runs as a macro ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 10 2007

    Knoll Light Factory Plug-In Updated

    The folks at Digital Anarchy announced a new version of the Knoll Light Factory plug-in . It was originally created by John Knoll, the co-creator of Adobe Photoshop . With the Knoll Light Factory, you can easily create lens flares, lasers, explosions ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 10 2007

    New Camtasia Studio Unveiled

    The folks at TechSmith just unveiled a new version of Camtasia Studio . If you aren't already familiar with Camtasia , it allows you to record activity from your screen along with a voiceover to produce a screen movie. If you are creating promotional ...read more
    • Mon, Oct 8 2007

    CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed Sample Available for Download

    Since CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed was released, it has been purchased by thousands of CorelDRAW users and been widely praised. Some users still want to know more about the ebook before they purchase a copy. Today we've added a small downloadable sample ...read more
    • Mon, Oct 8 2007

    CorelDRAW Unleashed Discussion on Video

    I sat down with Gérard Metrailler (Director, Product Management, Graphics at Corel Corporation) at the CorelWorld Conference in San Diego in late June and we discussed my CorelDRAW Unleashed books and the big CorelDRAW Unleashed announcements. Since this ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 3 2007

    Easy Solution for Online Quizzes and Surveys

    I've talked here before about Wildform Presenter Pro and all of the cool stuff it can do for you. One of its many functions is to create quizzes and/or surveys. Wildform recognized there was a need for an online service to manage those quizzes and ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 3 2007

    Painter Essentials Brings Painting at a Great Price

    Corel has announced a new version of Painter Essentials , a lite version of their popular Painter application. Painter Essentials turns your mouse or tablet into an electronic paintbrush. It also allows you to turn your digital photos into hand painted ...read more
    • Tue, Oct 2 2007

    Illustrator , new illustrations

    Illustrator show new illustrations. Thats another title I could have used for this post. Of obvious reasons I cant show all drawings, art and illustrations I make on my website. There is not time in plain english. There are those who visit my website ...read more
    • Tue, Oct 2 2007

    wx_TOOLS updates: bitmaps, screenscroll, PClipPick

    See also: previous blog post with package description Fixed : PClipPick bug with screen redraw when no object under mouse Added : wx. ZoomOutBack - to replace F3 hotkey, restores old pre-X3 behaviour   wx. OutlineEqualsFill - makes outline color equal to fill. Useful for trace results in X3 to eliminate faint ghostly 'outline'   wx. BitmapsDownsample - resamples bitmaps if its dpi is larger than specified by 20...
    • Mon, Oct 1 2007

    VectorChannelMixer for CMYK [updated]

    Updated to not show spoiling multiple selection marks. Download: curveChannelMixer.exe or Mirror