• Mon, Dec 31 2007

    The Three Cs of Image Editing (Part 4)

    Now that we have our image safely cropped by virtue of having straightened it, corrected its perspective, and trimming for story impact and content, we can move on to the second C in the three Cs: Contrast. Contrast Contrast is the process by which we ...read more
    • Fri, Dec 28 2007

    Twisting Pixels Plug-In Sale

    The folks at Twisting Pixels are having a sale on their plug-ins. Enter the Discount Code of ASPCUST and you will get 25% off of any of their products. I'm not sure how long this code will last so take advantage of the sale while you can. ...read more
    • Thu, Dec 27 2007

    Joanna Sheen - Doiley Stamps

    This is a highly detailed “Doiley” design set comprising of three A5 sized sheets. Again these designs are finished in the ever popular Victorian style. Each sheet contains two “Doileys”, a set of embelishments and a selection of words. The finished designs were transferred to rubber and appeared on the Create and Craft shopping channel [...]
    • Thu, Dec 27 2007

    Joanna Sheen - Frame Stamps

    The unmounted “Frame” design set comprises of two A5 sized sheets featuring traditional Victorian style frames. The designs which accompany the four frames also include a collection of corner pieces, Victorian embelishments and a hand drawn bow. The finished designs were transferred to rubber and appeared on the Create and Craft shopping channel during a [...]
    • Thu, Dec 27 2007

    Tina Fallon - Media Material

    Ready for the release of Tina Fallon’s Beginners Guide To Cardmaking and Rubber Stamping CD’s, a suitable set of DVD case inserts and CD print designs were required. The illustrations produced represent the purpose of the CDs by the use of photographed craft items and design cues taken from the CD contents themselves. The style of both CD’s have to indicate that [...]
    • Thu, Dec 27 2007

    Joanna Sheen - Bauble Stamps

    The brief for this work outlined the requirement for a set of Christmas “Bauble” designs suitable for Card Craft rubber stamping. I produced two distinct styles comprising of twelve individual designs. The finished designs were transferred to rubber and appeared on the Create and Craft shopping channel during a Joanna Sheen product demo. The finished products are available at Joanna [...]
    • Tue, Dec 25 2007

    Badrumsrenovering, Swedish for Bathroom renovation

    Badrumsrenovering. Thats Swedish for Bathroom renovation. And I have finished a made a totally new design of the website Bad & Byggservice. See sample here>> Stefan Lindblad
    • Sun, Dec 23 2007

    The Three Cs of Image Editing (Part 3)

    Continuing from Parts 1 and 2, we are discussing the first of the three Cs: Crop. When we left off we talked about cropping an image to strength the inherent story in the image. Sometimes, however, you want to tell a specific story with an image or multiple ...read more
    • Wed, Dec 19 2007

    Add-On Brings CAD Functionality to CorelDRAW

    I learned of a new add-on for CorelDRAW this week that adds CAD-type tools to CorelDRAW. The add-on works in CorelDRAW 11, 12 and X3 as well as Corel Designer 10 and 12. It is called CADinTools and is available as a trial download . New features included ...read more
    • Wed, Dec 19 2007

    What's Worse--Spam or Spam Filters?

    Nobody likes spam. I get at least 500 pieces of "no questions about it" spam every day. There are probably another 50 pieces a day that are definitely not spam, but they aren't of interest to me. For example, I receive quite a few press ...read more
    • Mon, Dec 17 2007

    How to work in CorelDRAW in full screen mode

    Well... the title says it all. click on the link below for the details. There is even more good news: 1. The macro allows you to lock your CorelDRAW toolbars so that you don't move them by accident. 2. The price: FREE! How to work in CorelDRAW in ...read more
    • Thu, Dec 13 2007

    The Three Cs of Image Editing (Part 2)

    Continuing on from Part 1 , I will continue my discussion of the first C: Crop. Images are about stories. An image can tell a story. It can tell a story better with a crop. It can even tell several different stories with different applications of the ...read more
    • Tue, Dec 11 2007

    Get SnagIt and Camtasia for Free

    I've been a big fan of these TechSmith products since early versions first appeared. SnagIt is the most powerful screen capture program on the market. Camtasia is a screen recording application and is the what I use to make the movies supplied with ...read more
    • Tue, Dec 11 2007

    The Three Cs of Image Editing (Part 1)

    When I am asked to teach people how to approach image editing-for whatever purpose, I take them to the pneumonic that I hold as mantra. "Start with the three Cs." Before I get too far in this article, I should tell you what the three Cs are ...read more
    • Fri, Dec 7 2007

    [hint] CorelDRAW's Desktop menu launcher

    You can customize a menu that appears on rightclicking of CorelDRAW Desktop area even when no documents are opened.
    • Fri, Dec 7 2007

    [hint] CorelDRAW's Desktop menu launcher

    You can customize a menu that appears on rightclicking of CorelDRAW Desktop area when no documents are opened, here's the picture with 2 easy steps: Or even better, by adding a customization item "Recent files":
    • Fri, Dec 7 2007

    Spam - new and even more useless

    We're all familiar with spam - whether they're pitches for weight loss, male "enhancement", or other solutions to problems we never knew we had. Today, I got a new style of spam message that defies any kind of purpose. Just random words ...read more
    • Wed, Dec 5 2007

    Long Exposure Panning Tips

    Shots like this long-exposure pan are becoming popular. This picture was taken at Badlands National Park in May of 2007 during my Artist In Residence tenure. I was trying to illustrate the speed of the fastest land animal in North America,the Pronghorn ...read more
    • Wed, Dec 5 2007

    OEM Versions of CorelDRAW Also Lack VBA

    A little while back I told you a number of reasons to avoid the Academic version of CorelDRAW . The main reason being that it lacks VBA. After I wrote that post, it was brought to my attention that OEM versions (most, but not all) also lack VBA. This ...read more
    • Mon, Dec 3 2007

    Sodium Vapor Lights Solution?

    Saturday, I had the opportunity to shoot a boy's high school swim team under the unfortunate lighting circumstance of sodium vapor lights. If you've ever shot pictures you will know that this type of lighting produces a greenish hue and lack luster ...read more
    • Sun, Dec 2 2007


    Greetings kind readers,   This is the inaugural entry into the Fleeting Glimpse Images Blog. Many of you were frequent visitors to my personal blog , which has been around for some three years and some of you are new. Though I wrote about photography ...read more
    • Sat, Dec 1 2007

    RecentFiles Nov30 - a fix of Nov21 :-)

    Last version of RecentFiles macro (Nov21) was locking bitmap image files (except CPT) being previewed, so external writing to them was prohibited. Nov30 version fixes this. Download: RecentFiles--Nov30.exe or Mirror