• Fri, Feb 29 2008

    CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed Nearing Completion

    It seems like I get an e-mail nearly everyday with someone asking my if there will be a CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed. Absolutely! I've included information in our last two newsletters stating that it was in the works. Now I'll try to give you as much information as I can right now. No, I'm not withholding any information, there are just aspects that are still unknown at this point. I don't have a release date...
    • Fri, Feb 29 2008

    Free Logo CPR Webinar on March 7th

    I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to attend a free Webinar that I'll be teaching next Friday, March 7th, 2008. The topic of the Webinar is Logo clean up strategies. I know a lot of you are tasked with the job of taking a scanned logo and converting it into a vector design. We'll go over a variety of techniques for manually re-creating these logos in the hour session. It really is pretty simple to attend...
    • Thu, Feb 28 2008

    Free CorelDRAW Clip Art and Templates Available for Download

    People are always asking for alternative sources of clip art and/or templates for CorelDRAW. I've got some great news for you, this is a library of over 375 high-quality uniques images available for free download. In fact, the list is growing on a regular basis. These images are supplied by the folks at Digital Art Solutions . If you aren't familiar with them, they have been providing production ready artwork...
    • Wed, Feb 27 2008

    Shooting Great Product Shots

    With the advent of the digital camera, there are more people shooting pictures of their products for use on the Web and in other areas of their promotional campaign. This leads to some great pictures and some really awful ones. The folks who created Bling It have created a short video (go ahead, it's free) that gives you some pointers on getting better pictures. Some of their top suggestions: Don't use a flash...
    • Mon, Feb 25 2008

    Flaws with RAW Files

    If you've been reading our CorelDRAW Unleashed magazine over the past few issues, you've seen that we've had a running series discussing the usage of RAW files from your digital camera. There is no doubt that they give you the highest quality images. The downside is that the camera makers have created so many different flavors of RAW that it can be difficult to have a single piece of software that can work...
    • Sat, Feb 23 2008

    Big options dialogs patch 1.1 [updated]

    This patch extends size of 9 dialogs in Options of DRAW 11,12,X3,X4 • Customization commands & toolbars • Quickcorrect words list • Text styles • Page labels • Associate & Active file filters • Warnings & printing compatibility lists Download: CDRbigOptions1.1.exe or Mirror
    • Thu, Feb 21 2008

    Documents Ctrl-Tab switching enhancement

    When you switch documents in CorelDRAW v11—X4 with Ctrl-Tab your first mouse click in the new window will be ignored making you think there's something wrong with the pointing device :-), so to select a shape you have to click once more. I've changed this behaviour to a more comfortable and natural a year ago using AutoHotKey. And now I've incorporated document InstaSwitch :-) feature into wx_ToggleToolbars...
    • Thu, Feb 21 2008

    Three New Free Video Tutorials

    Tom Knight has created three new video tutorials to help teach you how to get more out of CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. The first tutorial is two parts and teaches you how to create spot color flame effects in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. You'll also see a number of different ways to adjust your brush settings. Next up is a five part tutorial creating a skull and flames design. You'll start with a stock photo of a skull...
    • Thu, Feb 21 2008

    Who Should Attend the CorelDRAW Unleashed User Conference?

    Do you use CorelDRAW to make money? For many of you, it is a tool that you use all day long to produce artwork for your company. Others may use it occasionally and wish they could find a way to use it more. Maybe you are just a hobbyist that just enjoys using CorelDRAW and/or Corel PHOTO-PAINT. As I was putting together the CorelDRAW Unleashed User Conference , I wanted an event that that would take users to a higher...
    • Thu, Feb 21 2008

    CorelDRAW Unleashed User Conference 2008

    Ok lets face it, there is no conference about CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X4 in Sweden, Europe, in 2008, as I know it, but there is one in Lucky Luke country, Arizona, USA . If you feel to go for a trip across the atlantic, then there is a conference this summer, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. And it happens to be held by Foster D. Coburn III himself. Foster is the foremost instructor of CorelDRAW, said by Tony Severenuk, Corel...
    • Wed, Feb 20 2008

    Big options dialog patch for CorelDRAW / PhotoPAINT 11,12,X3,X4

    Download: CDRbigOptions.exe or Mirror Update: Find out more under http://woxxom-macros.blogspot.com/2008/02/big-options-dialog-patch-for-coreldraw_7188.html .
    • Wed, Feb 20 2008

    Offline for a While

    Greetings, Fleeting Glimpse Images Photography Blog readers. I will be offline until March 4th, 2008. If you read the Shake Down entry, you will know that I am bound for Costa Rica to teach Digital Photography for Worldesigns Photo Tours. Since you are home reading this, I can safely assume you aren't with me on the trip. Why not? When I get back, I will be doing a deconstruction of the photo safari and what I, as...
    • Wed, Feb 20 2008

    Make Corel's Help Files Easier to Read

    One person asked: Here's a no-doubt remedial question: how can I get the text size in the Help window of CorelDRAW bigger? On my high-res monitor it's almost unreadable. Is this a Windows Help System matter? Os created a utility that allows one to adjust the font size for Corel's help files.
    • Tue, Feb 19 2008

    Help files font size override

    The CHMFontSize utility makes help files font larger by converting pixel/pt values hardset in internal css into corresponding percentage relative values. The utility can also apply an additional arbitrary change of the font, see textboxes in the bottom part.  And finally: your help files receive an additional font changing on-the-fly toolbar button! Download:  CHMFontSize.exe
    • Tue, Feb 19 2008

    Two Great Books on Shapes for Designers

    I have to admit that the two titles I'm going to describe were unknown to me and seemed relatively obscure. Part of the reason for this is that the books are published by a German publisher and so the books really weren't on my radar. At least not until I read a recent blog post by Chris Dickman . Chris authored the first book on CorelDRAW and has been a leader in the graphics community for well over 20 years...
    • Tue, Feb 19 2008

    NodeAlign immediate control macros

    NodeAlign.... macros act similar to L,R,C,T,B,E shortcuts, and can work with nodes of multiple selected objects. wx.NodeAlign Left , wx.NodeAlign Right , wx.NodeAlign XCenter wx.NodeAlign Top , wx.NodeAlign Bottom , wx.NodeAlign YCenter Note: DRAW does not allow macros to see which node is selected most recently, so all the alignments are absolute e.g. NodeAlignLeft always aligns to the leftmost node. Solution : align...
    • Tue, Feb 19 2008

    A Viable (Free) Backup Solution for Digi-Photogs

    One of the first things a Digital Photographer discovers is that the proliferation of files created becomes megabytes, then gigabytes and finally terabytes.  As we buy new cameras with ever larger megapixels, shoot RAW, and do things like Panoramas and HDR which require multiple exposures, we find our hard drives filling up rather rapidly. Part of image management for me was the realization early on that external hard...
    • Sun, Feb 17 2008

    The Shakedown

    As I prepare for my Costa Rican Expedition I am keenly reminded of the adage that creation is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. While the anticipation of exotic venues, stunning vistas and poignant artistic expressions is foremost in my mind, I know I will never get there without the sweat. Debbie Allen, in the television series Fame , said that "fame costs and right here is where you start paying-with sweat"...
    • Wed, Feb 13 2008

    The Evolution of the Google Logo

    I'm assuming that most of you are graphic designers. Thus, you are interested in how to create the best designs possible for your clients. Google went from nowhere to one of the most influential companies on the planet in ten years. But how was their logo born? The folks at Wired just ran an article on how the logo was created and you can see the iterations along the way. Their logo may not be the key to their success...
    • Wed, Feb 13 2008

    Palette window on top hint

    Right side of my screen is occupied by an autopopping applications launch buttons list, so using right-aligned palette isn't desirable for me. Bottom-aligned configuration eats vertical space, makes it harder to work with vertical sheets. Here's a trick I've 'discovered'. Undock a palette to make it float, move it to the very top of the screen, change its dimensions to one horizontal row, then find...
    • Wed, Feb 13 2008

    Misleading dialog when opening X4 files in X3

    When opening newer CorelDRAW files in earlier versions, a dialog used to pop up. It warned that the file you were trying to open was created in a newer version of CorelDRAW. This is clear and true. However, when attempting to open an CorelDRAW X4 file in CorelDRAW X3, this dialog doesn't give the operator any valuable info on why it isn't opening. If a user had gotten used to the old warning dialog, they might...
    • Wed, Feb 13 2008

    Thicker "El's" when Exporting PDF's From CorelDRAW

    Some of you have run into this - a workaround I've used; 1. Save your document (to a new name if you want to be really safe. It's very easy to save your document by accident after the next step.) 2. Convert text to curves inside your CorelDRAW document. 3. Export as PDF. Even though you might select "convert text to curves" in the PDF export dialog, the viewable result is different in Acrobat Reader...
    • Fri, Feb 8 2008

    CorelDraw.com or Cnews?

    Corel Launched Coreldraw.com in May 2007. Many new faces and names showed up, excited by the new resource for CorelDRAW users. New... relative to what? The Cnews Newsgroups . Corel's Cnews Newsgroup Server has been in existence for perhaps 10-15 years. However, unless someone was at least at an intermediate computer user level, they probably wouldn't have known about these newsgroups or how to access this older...
    • Fri, Feb 8 2008

    Free Print Merge Video for CorelDRAW

    Here is a short video that walks a person through the steps of merging data from an Excel file to a CorelDRAW print merge. It's FREE, go have a look!
    • Thu, Feb 7 2008

    DecoStudio Takes Embroidery to a Higher Level

    If you are currently a Corel DRAWings user, the last couple of weeks have probably been very confusing for you. Those of you not using Corel DRAWings to turn your artwork into stitches should give the new guy in town a long look. Corel DRAWings was a partnership between Corel Corporation and Wings Systems. Corel provided the graphics engine via the inclusion of the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Wings provided the embroidery...