• Wed, Apr 30 2008

    CoCut Cutting Add-On Released for CorelDRAW X4

    The CoCut add-on for CorelDRAW , Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and AutoCAD has been updated to work with the latest versions of the supported software including CorelDRAW X4. It is available in two versions. The regular version of CoCut provides a driver that works with Allen Datagraph, Anagraph, Gerber, Graphtec, Ioline, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, Summagraphics, Wild, Zund and more cutters. For users looking for...
    • Wed, Apr 30 2008

    CorelDRAW Conceptshare, sharing & comment projects

    The new CorelDRAW Conceptshare that comes with the new CorelDRAW Graphic Suite X4, is a great addition to the suite. And will be a very helpful addition to ones work with clients and co-workers. As a freelancing illustrator & artist I have already been using it, and its been working just fine. What one do is to upload once project, for example an image. And then "Invite" a client or co-worker, to log in...
    • Mon, Apr 28 2008

    Mystical Painter Bundle Provides Great Value

    The folks at Auto FX have put together a special bundle of products at an unbelievable price. The Mystical Painter Bundle is comprised of six separate software and training products valued at $900. With this special bundle , you can get them for only $349 until August 31, 2008. Corel Painter X is the centerpiece of the suite. By itself, Corel Painter X has a list price of $429 and sells for $379.99 at Amazon . Even if...
    • Sun, Apr 27 2008

    CorelDRAW in the Web Marketing World

    I saw an article today about Web marketing. When I read these articles, I'm expecting to find a tip on how to better promote my own Web sites. I got that from the article. Even better, it showed one of the many ways that CorelDRAW is used in the real world. It is all about how a company at a trade show was using an Epilog laser engraver to mark the cel phones, laptops and MP3 players of anyone who visited their book...
    • Sat, Apr 26 2008

    Subscribe to Blogs via Email

    In the past few days we've added a nice feature to both the Graphics Unleashed and Jeff Harrison's Daily Diversion blogs. You can subscribe to either blog, or both of them, and receive an e-mail of the new posts on each day when a post appears. If there is no new post on a given day, you won't receive any e-mail. If there are multiple posts on a day, you'll get one e-mail with all posts from that day....
    • Sat, Apr 26 2008

    Form Filling and Internet Explorer Don't Mix

    I've gotten a few e-mails in the past few weeks from users saying they couldn't fill out forms on the unleash.com or coreldrawunleashed.com Web site. We certainly know there is an issue for some users and I'll try to explain when the problem happens and several ways to work around the problem. We have tried to find a solution for the problem and would also be thrilled if anyone has a suggestion that would...
    • Wed, Apr 23 2008

    Considering Fill-Flash

    Spring is in the air-finally. Those of us in Minnesota saw our last snow melt a week ago. Those of us in Minnesota who are photographers are itching to get shooting. Today, in spite of the poor light (blue skies and mid-day sun), poor conditions (windy) and poor time of year (brown vegetation with sparse emerging plants), I went out to practice some manual flash techniques in preparation for the wildflower season. Round...
    • Sat, Apr 19 2008

    The Creation of 3D Box Shots

    A very common vision when you see a software box on the Internet is for that box to be shown in a three dimensional view. Sometimes those images are actual photographs, but it is just as common that the graphic was built from flat pieces. There are a number of ways to build such a graphic and the best method can vary based on a user's goals. You can use perspective tools in either CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT to...
    • Sat, Apr 19 2008

    Making a Photo Mosaic

    A few years ago it was rare to see a photo mosaic. Now they are becoming much more common. If you aren't sure what makes a "photo mosaic", let me describe it in a bit of detail. Then I'll tell you how you can create your own. A photo mosaic is an image where each "pixel" of the image is actually another smaller image. I saw one recently where the main image was of Tiger Wood's face. The...
    • Sat, Apr 19 2008

    Creating Icons with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

    Users frequently ask how to create icons with the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite . While the ICO file format is listed as one of the file types you can create with CorelDRAW and/or Corel PHOTO-PAINT, it is not the best way to create icon files. Icons are bitmap files. So even if you create the base graphics in CorelDRAW, it is best for you to bring the graphic into Corel PHOTO-PAINT to create an optimized bitmap. Make sure...
    • Fri, Apr 18 2008

    Blogging in Person

    The Blog has hit the fans! In this blog, I have covered photography, image editing software, presenting and a host of other topics. It is rare that I write on the phenomenon of blogging itself. I know little of blogging save my own experience and the scant absorption of infrequent visits to other blogs. Bloggers have an intrinsic advantage when it comes to spouting opinions, pontificating authoritatively and creating...
    • Thu, Apr 17 2008

    Book cover with illustration & 7 illustrations inside the book

    This fall 2008, especially if you read Swedish, have a look for the new book "Spelet"(The Game) from the Swedish publishing House Hegas. A book for young teenagers. I made the book cover front with a illustration as well as the graphic design, together with 7 illustrations inside the book. It was a fun work to do and I wished I could show you more, but the book comes out later this year, so therefore I can only...
    • Thu, Apr 17 2008

    The new Corel WordPerfect Office X4

    This release I kind of waited for but didnt really believe would come. The brand new Corel® WordPerfect® Office X4 – Standard Edition. Because of Microsoft Office domination and the free OpenOffice I thought the market was closed for the office market. But there you go and get joyfully surprised. Wow! What will this give us in the future, a new version of Corel Ventura? The great Corel Desktop Publishing software. Whatever...
    • Wed, Apr 16 2008

    CorelDRAW Unleashed Font Substitution Update

    If you read the Letters to the Editor in the April/May issue of CorelDRAW Unleashed magazine , you know that some readers are having a problem seeing the correct font when reading the magazine. Thanks to the letter appearing in the magazine, several readers have written me with suggestions. We still don't have a complete answer for the problem, but we've certainly discovered why it happens for some users. The...
    • Wed, Apr 16 2008

    Teaching Digital Photography?

    I had the opportunity for epiphany today. That is a rare enough occurrence in and of itself. A phone call with a speaker coordinator prompted me to take a walk down semantics lane toward a destination I didn't expect. The speaker: Do you teach Digital Photography? Me: Yes, I do. Inner Me: That was a dumb answer! You don't teach Digital Photography, you teach Photography, period. Then the speaker asked...
    • Wed, Apr 16 2008

    CorelDRAW Boot Camp Cruise Price Drops

    I got an e-mail yesterday from someone asking about the CorelDRAW Boot Camp Cruise to be held in January, 2009. This person claimed that rates for the cruise on another Web site were $200 lower than what we offered. This just didn't sound right to me so I did some research on my own and also consulted with the travel agent who set up the cruise portion of the Boot Camp. The discrepancy turned out to be a misunderstanding...
    • Mon, Apr 14 2008

    CorelDraw Unleashed User's Conference

    We've now reached the shameless promotion section of the blog.  July 9 - 12, 2008, the Corelians of the world will descend upon Phoenix to learn, yearn and earn. This conference, hosted by Foster Coburn is a chance to meet with some of the more prominent power users of the CorelDraw Graphics Suite as well as a select group of people from the Corel, related vendors and kindred spirits. I have been fortunate to be selected...
    • Sat, Apr 12 2008

    Speeding up CorelDRAW X4 Opening and Saving

    Ever since CorelDRAW X4 was released there have been comments from a small percentage of users about how the speed of opening and saving files had decreased quite a bit from previous versions. I'll describe what is causing the slowdowns for these users and also give you some ways to speed things back up. I can't guarantee this will solve the problem for everyone, but it should help the majority of users. Let's...
    • Thu, Apr 10 2008

    Eggs in a basket

    The proverb "Don't put all of your eggs in one basket" is applicable to many things as most proverbs are. If you have read my post Data Backup Goes Awry , then you will know on a recent trip to Costa Rica , I lost a basket. I broke some other stuff and lost still more but this is the story of the basket. In my former life as a film photographer, the prospect of losing a roll of film was devastating. Normally...
    • Wed, Apr 9 2008

    Adobe steal your image copyright´s?

    Adobe steal your copyright to all your images you use, upload, with their new "Free" online Photoshop Express. The same way Facebook does. Here are the terms, read it here. According to this artical (in Swedish) http://capdesign.idg.se/2.990/1.153549 Adobe will take, for all eternity, the right to use all your images however they please to do, making money on them without your permission. Well I will never use...
    • Thu, Apr 3 2008

    In Defense of Filters

    For those of you expecting a treatise on the use of "Software Filters" I must disappoint. This is about the old kind of filters-the ones made of glass that you stick on the front of a camera. Software filters never have been able to offer the kind of protection I am about to discuss. Some consider it one of the great scams perpetrated by the sundry photography purveyors and others consider it a way to ensure...
    • Wed, Apr 2 2008

    Macros at Macromonster.com - how to get 'em

    Many macros at the Macromonster.com site are free. Other are of premium value, but always affordable for anyone. So, if your wondering how to buy macros, just watch this movie to see the complete process.
    • Wed, Apr 2 2008

    NumberGen - by Dan Haddix - Updated for 2008!

    This awesome utility allows you create specially formatted numerical data files for CorelDRAW print merges. The latest version allows for Microsoft Word mail merges too. The great thing about this product is how it allows for N-ups on a press sheet, and for multi-part forms too!
    • Wed, Apr 2 2008

    Relinking CoreDRAW and Photo-PAINT

    A common problem for CorelDRAW users is losing the "edit bitmap" connection between CorelDRAW and Photo-PAINT. Here is a free solution to help you: it was created for the users who had multiple versions of CorelDRAW on their systems during the X4 beta process.