• Sat, May 31 2008

    Sometimes you just feel like shootin' something

    Well blog readers, I have to actually go into the field and shoot some photographs. We photographers often do that-shoot pictures, I mean. I will be at a National Monument for a week photographing and participating in a sculpture workshop.  From there it is on to Northern Wyoming for a week of shooting my old haunts: Devil's Tower Bighorn Mountains   and then the 50th anniversary part of my in-laws where I will be...
    • Fri, May 30 2008

    wOxxOm Color Swatch Macro

    wOxxOm Color Swatch This awesome macro scans for colors in the document and makes swatches at the bottom.
    • Fri, May 30 2008

    Shelby's PowerClips 2 Bitmaps Macro

    Shelby's PowerClips 2 Bitmaps Shelby & Jeff put together this handy macro that can force PowerClips in your document to bitmaps. This can reduce CorelDRAW file size significantly, and simplify complex files during production. PowerClips become WYSIWYG!
    • Fri, May 30 2008

    Jeff's Text to Curves Macro

    I have a handy macro for forcing all text to curves . Useful to run before sending certain jobs as PDF's for proofing/printing.
    • Fri, May 30 2008

    Hendrik's Character Count Macro

    Hendrik has created a macro that counts characters in either the entire page, or some selected text.
    • Wed, May 28 2008

    Libra Helps Organize Books, Music and Movies

    While most of us are using our computers to create graphics during the day, hopefully we all find time to do other useful things with them. I recently ran across a cool utility that helps you to manage your library of books, games, music and movies. It is named Libra and you can download a copy for free . The hardest thing to do with programs like this is to build your database, especially if you have a large library...
    • Wed, May 28 2008

    My paintings & the UN International Compact with Iraq Conference

    Okidoki, so what is this all about? Well today, but especially tomorrow the 29th May 2008, the Swedish government is holding the UN "International Compact with Iraq" Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. In the outskirts of Stockholm. By the highway between the City of Stockholm and the international Arlanda Airport. A lot of politicians eating, chatting and meeting. With a huge participation of dignitaries from...
    • Mon, May 26 2008

    Copyright: what is your thought on this subject!?

    It would be interesting to hear what people think about Copyright on images, especially because I know that people in many different countries and continents visit my website and blog. In my own opinion copyright is very important and a very obvious issue. Any creative who creates images do so useally originally because they have the urge and need to do so since childhood. Then when he or she get the oportunity to make...
    • Sat, May 24 2008

    Simple but Effective Product Shots on a Budget

    Or, with no budget… I have been getting a few questions about techniques in the blog lately. A common question, to paraphrase is: "Rikk, I don't have all that fancy gear. How can I …?" So today, I accepted a self-challenge.  With no items other than those found in an office environment, and my son's $ 149.00 point-n-shoot digital camera, create a passable product shot. To make things tougher on myself...
    • Thu, May 22 2008

    Popular Macros Updated to Work with CorelDRAW X4

    Alex Vakulenko is one of the most prolific programmers creating macros for CorelDRAW. He works for Corel during the day and creates these macros in his spare time. He has just finished updating all of his macros to work with CorelDRAW X4. Most of them work in CorelDRAW 10-X4 as well as Corel DESIGNER 10 and 12. Half of the macros are free and half of them have a cost associated. Rather than describe the details of each...
    • Wed, May 21 2008

    The Other Corel Products

    Most of the readers of my blog are users of CorelDRAW. You've probably heard about some of Corel's products, but I'm guessing that you didn't realize all of the different products that are in the Corel family. I wanted to use this e-mail to introduce them to you. Even better, I'll give you a code to save 10% if you find something you'd like. CorelDRAW was the first major product for Corel Corporation...
    • Wed, May 21 2008

    New illustration by Stefan Lindblad, thats me

    Drawing entirely drawn with my Wacom Intuos3 tablet and Corel Photo-Paint X4. (CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4). From an image I made of a man in San Francisco, USA in Jan. 2008. I was out walking with my girlfriend Mia. Stefan Lindblad Illustrator & artist
    • Wed, May 21 2008

    A Flash in the Pan - orama

    Recently, I've been frustrated trying to shoot panoramic photographs of room interiors. I decided today to take a different tack on the problem. I am pleased with the results. The problem with interior panoramic photographs is those dang windows to the outside world. They are almost always many stops of light brighter than the ambient room light. At night, they tend to many stops darker. You just can't shoot all...
    • Wed, May 21 2008

    The CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed book release

    If you have had a look at the previous edition of the book CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed, then you know that this NEW CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed DVD book is a book to grab your hands on, if you like to know how to work with CorelDRAW and Photo-Paint. Foster D Coburn made a HUGE work on his last book CorelDRAW X3 Unleashed, and it really is an artform to make something so intricate to feel so simple. He is a master of teaching in...
    • Wed, May 21 2008

    Designing Fonts in CorelDRAW

    I've always been very interested in fonts. Each one is new and different. Some are awesome, some are just plain awful. This love of fonts led me to work for a font foundry back in the early 90s. That company had all kinds of software tools for creating fonts. And even while the digitizers at the foundry were using Macs to digitize fonts, I was playing around with creating some in CorelDRAW. Even back in early versions...
    • Tue, May 20 2008

    My first CorelDRAW video on YouTube

    Last week, someone told me that there is this new site called "YouTube".... :-) OK, Just kidding. Yep, I've known about YouTube for a loooooong time. Regardless, here is my first video .
    • Mon, May 19 2008

    Creating borders for bitmaps

    Shelby has created a macro that creates borders around selected bitmaps. Go get it!
    • Mon, May 19 2008

    A better text docker for CorelDRAW X3

    Sancho Text Docker for X3 is here! Finally, an improved text docker for those who are running CorelDRAW X3.
    • Mon, May 19 2008

    CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed Available for Pre-Order

    CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed is almost all wrapped up and boy will I be happy to finally get it all done. I just keep coming up with more information to include and that has led to the book shipping much later than I had originally planned. There will be two versions of the book for you to choose from. First is the the standard version which will ship in early June. It will contain approximately 920 pages and eight hours of...
    • Sat, May 17 2008

    Digital Camera Exposes Original Paintings

    Digital cameras have come a long way in the past ten years. The quality of the pictures continue to improve. The number of megapixels continues to rise. But I read about a digital camera today that is truly mind-blowing. It shoots at 240 megapixels. This camera was specifically developed to photograph "Old Master" paintings. You can read about how it was used to restore one of Leonardo da Vinci's paintings...
    • Fri, May 16 2008

    Photoshop Web Design Book Available For Free Download

    I'm certainly not a Photoshop user, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy getting a free book. The folks at Sitepoint are giving away the book The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tips, Tricks and Techniques . This is a book that sells at Amazon for $26 . Of course, the free copy is a download so it is a bit different than the printed version. The giveaway is also sponsored by an advertiser so you find one...
    • Thu, May 15 2008

    The Many Output Devices of CorelDRAW

    As I talk with CorelDRAW users, I find that they know a lot about how they use CorelDRAW in their job but they don't know the many ways it is used in the real world. The great news is that once you know CorelDRAW, you have the ability to pick up new ways to output your files with only a minimal learning curve. One of our goals at the CorelDRAW Unleashed User Conference is to allow users attending the conference to...
    • Thu, May 15 2008

    Thought it was time to make a little update on my website. Here is a new drawing I made. I used my Wacom Intuos3 tablet and my software of course Corel Photo-Paint X4. (CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4). Stefan Lindblad Illustrator & artist
    • Thu, May 15 2008

    Stellarium - A must-have for the Outdoors Photographer

    Often, free software is overlooked by photographers. I am as guilty as any of this trait. Outdoor photographers, particularly those who are in love with sunrise and set, moon rise and set and those who love to shoot astronomical phenomena like star trails and deep sky objects  are ever in search of tools to aid them in finding the right place at the right time. Into this scenario enters Stellarium. Stellarium is a free...
    • Wed, May 14 2008

    CorelDRAW X4 Neuters Dialog Boxes on Vista

    As I've been finishing up my CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed book, I've done screen shots of some dialog boxes in both Windows XP and Windows Vista so users can see the difference. According to Microsoft, Vista is supposed to be an improvement. Corel's marketing tells us that CorelDRAW X4 has added features on Vista. To me, both of those claims are debatable. Does CorelDRAW X4 add some functionality on Vista? Yes it...