• Tue, Sep 30 2008

    Tutorial Tuesday: Halftone Effect

    Whether you need halftones for printing or you just want the look of halftones, there is a way to create the effect that you want. Richard Reilly, aka Fluid, gives you all the details in today's tutorial. The Halftone Effect is especially important for screen printers. In order to create their screens, they need to utilize halftones to get various shades of a color. Yet they are also useful for cool special effects...
    • Tue, Sep 30 2008

    Smudge brush tool in Coreldraw, similar to the new Illustrator Blob Brush Tool in CS4

    Smudge brush tool in Coreldraw, similar to the new Illustrator Blob Brush Tool in CS4. Many times when a new Adobe CS version of Photoshop or Illustrator comes out, some people believes the tools doesnt exist in CorelDRAW, which many times isnt true at all. Adobe Illustrator CS3 and the new CS4 is good software, at the same time doesnt make CorelDRAW less good. As many times before CorelDRAW X4 already have a tool like...
    • Mon, Sep 29 2008

    Macro Monday: Shelby's Object Order

    The stacking order of objects in CorelDRAW can be very important. Objects can be hidden if they are behind other objects. And you also may be in a production environment where the stacking order determines which objects are cut or produced first. Today's macro, Shelby's Object Order , simplifies the process of changing the stacking order for numerous objects. A simple movie on the page shows how the process works...
    • Sun, Sep 28 2008

    Sunday Stock: FreeFoto

    Often stock sites will have different terms for usage of their images. FreeFoto.com allows you to use their images online for free, but you have to provide attribution and link back to them. The images are also available for purchase.
    • Sat, Sep 27 2008

    Weekend Widget: Irfanview

    Sometimes a full featured image editor is just too much. That is the case when you simply want a quick way to view some files. In those scenarios, I have a tool that fits my needs perfectly. And you can't beat the price since it is completely free. Irfanview allows you to view most every bitmap format ever invented. Together with the plug-ins that can also be downloaded for free, I don't think I've found a...
    • Fri, Sep 26 2008

    Font Friday: Dirty Ego

    We're going to look at another grunge font today by the name of Dirty Ego. You'll see a nice sample of the character set at right. The font is from the folks at misprinted type 4.0 and they offer both free fonts and commercial fonts. Fonts are designed by Edudardo Recife. Dirty Ego is available for free download for both the PC and the Mac . While visiting the site, look around. I found a number of interesting...
    • Thu, Sep 25 2008

    Conference Hangover

    PowerPoint Live 2008 Draws to a Close Every year the presentation content and delivery professionals of the world gather to share ideas, instruct one another, form connections and experience a world where PowerPoint is king. No where else in the world is there assembled such an array of professional presenters, content developers and innovators.  In the world [...]
    • Thu, Sep 25 2008

    Thursday Tip: Using Symbols Makes Changes Easy

    Someone recently had a file with hundreds of copies of the same object or group of objects. The boss wanted them to replace all of the existing copies with something different. This task could take a couple of minutes, it could take hours. It all depends on how the file was created. The key to making the task simple is to use Symbols. Now some users will be confused with the term Symbols because it has meant different...
    • Wed, Sep 24 2008

    Hump Day Hardware: Hard Drive Adapter

    Today's hardware will appeal to those of you who enjoy tinkering with your computers or anyone who has ever had to transfer data from a loose hard drive. The Sabrent USB Serial ATA or IDE adapter will allow you to connect most any hard drive to the USB port on your computer. As an example, I have an old laptop computer that has died. But it has some data on it that I'd like to recover. I simply need to pull the...
    • Tue, Sep 23 2008

    Tutorial Tuesday: Transparent PNG Files

    Has it really been 12 years since work began on the PNG file format? I believe it has. Back then it seemed like PNG would become mainstream before we partied like it was 1999. It took long than we expected, but PNG has finally become a format in use all over the Web. PNG can be paletted like GIF. It can also be a full-color 24-bit file or even a 48-bit file. But the killer feature for using PNG on a Web site is that it...
    • Mon, Sep 22 2008

    Boot Camp Cruise Deadline Extended

    Have you considered joining Jeff Harrison and I on the CorelDRAW Boot Camp Cruise ? This is your opportunity to take your CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT skills to a higher level while also enjoying a great vacation along the Mexican Riviera. Our deadline for booking a space on the cruise was September 19th. That's right, the time has passed. I was able to convince the cruise line to extend the deadline until November...
    • Mon, Sep 22 2008

    Macro Monday: Draw Color Helper

    I guess this one doesn't technically count as a macro since it is a standalone EXE file. But the main function of the program is to allow you to more easily enter both decimal and hex colors in CorelDRAW. Separate versions are available for CorelDRAW 11, CorelDRAW 12, CorelDRAW X3 and CorelDRAW X4. Draw Color Helper is a free download . Read the instructions provided to learn how to install and use the program. Since...
    • Sun, Sep 21 2008

    Sunday Stock: Free Art from Digital Art Solutions

    If you aren't familiar with Digital Art Solutions , they have a huge amount of "production ready" artwork. What is production ready? Well, it isn't the artwork you get in those mega boxes of clip art. Those are fine for dropping in your word processor, but they don't work very well if you need to modify the art in any way. Production ready artwork can be easily modified to fit into a production workflow...
    • Sat, Sep 20 2008

    Weekend Widget: Genetica 3.0

    Ever since I first start using Genetica, I've been a huge fan. So what exactly does it do? It allows you to create, modify and render all different types of textures. The resulting textures can be used in many different programs, including CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT as bitmap pattern fills. You'll see that I mentioned v3.0 in the title. It isn't released yet, but that is a good thing for you! The new...
    • Fri, Sep 19 2008

    Use Your Image Filter to Pack Gear

    One of the greatest inventions ever is the ability to attach information to your digital pictures. Even better is to be able to sort it and use it in a meaningful fashion. I was presenting at the Crosstown Camera Club last night on how to travel as a photographer to a remote destination, particularly Costa [...]
    • Fri, Sep 19 2008

    Font Friday: Wunderbach Rough

    Today's font is somewhat of a cross between a slab serif face and a handwritten face with some grunge thrown in for good measure. It is called Wunderbach Rough and comes from the folks at wcfonts. Even better, it has a freeware license so you can use it in your projects for free. It is also supplied in both TrueType and OpenType format. Enjoy!
    • Thu, Sep 18 2008

    Thursday Tip: Right Triangle

    Need to draw a rectangle in CorelDRAW? There are several tools you can use for this. The Polygon tool will draw a triangle if you select three sides on the Property Bar. But this is not a right triangle. The Bézier tool or Freehand tool could do it, but getting the nodes in the correct places could be tricky. The Smart Drawing tool allows you to quickly draw it freehand and have it converted into a triangle. This works...
    • Wed, Sep 17 2008

    Shipping Prices Drop for International Shipments

    I've spent a lot of time on the phone with FedEx recently trying to find a way to make it cheaper for us to ship my CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed book to those of you outside of the United States. The result is that priority shipping is much lower than it was in the past. The price to Canada is less than half of the previous cost. You can now get the book overnight for $18.75. Heck, it is cheaper for us to ship it overnight...
    • Wed, Sep 17 2008

    Hump Day Hardware: Mice

    I've talked about two of the major tools for interacting with your computer, graphics tablets and keyboards . Today we're going to talk about mice. Those of you who read the post on tablets will know that I rarely use a mouse. If you have joined us to CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot Camp , you've never seen me pick up a mouse. While I rarely use one, it is something that is a requirement on a computer. If there is...
    • Tue, Sep 16 2008

    Tutorial Tuesday: Best Web Graphics

    CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT are very popular tools for creating Web graphics. Notice I said graphics, not the HTML code for the page. If you don't have a good handle on how to best utilize the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite to create graphics for the Web, it is very easy to make mistakes. Hunter Elliott has written an excellent tutorial on creating Web graphics . While the description says it is for CorelDRAW 9-12,...
    • Mon, Sep 15 2008

    Monday Macro: Dizzy: Channels

    Do you work with color separations in CorelDRAW? If so, today's macro could be just what you need. Dizzy: Channels allows you to quickly turn various colors on and off so that you can preview the separations using that color right on screen. After installing, you'll find that it gives you a small dialog box on screen listing each of the colors used in your document. Just like the Layers Docker in CorelDRAW, you...
    • Sun, Sep 14 2008

    Perspective (Different from Corel's Effect)

    On the rare occasion when I might feel bummed out, I reflect on my reality. Relative to the vast majority of others in the world, my circumstances are enviable. So, with this in mind, I cheer right up. It's all how you look at things. An email with still images circulated along these lines, so I put together another little show . The images were improved upon in many cases using Photo-PAINT. Some were in brutal condition...
    • Sun, Sep 14 2008

    Pulling It Off

    I have heard, anecdotally, mind you, that people, when surveyed fear public speaking more than they do death.  As I prepare to teach a few sessions at PowerPoint Live the week of September 21st, I decided to reflect upon my strategy for pulling off a stage performance. Rikk speaking at the CorelDraw Unleashed User’s Conference. Preparation: The speaker [...]
    • Sun, Sep 14 2008

    Sunday Stock: Vecteezy

    Today I'm going to keep it short and sweet. The Vecteezy site offers a number of pieces of vector artwork that you can download and use in your projects. Most of the samples I explored are provided as Adobe Illustrator files and you'll find a few CorelDRAW files. You should be able to get most of the AI files to work in current versions of CorelDRAW, but your mileage may vary.
    • Sat, Sep 13 2008

    Weekend Widget: WinZip 12

    Not a day goes by where I don't have to deal with zip files. I'm often working with them constantly each day. Yes, there is native support for the basics built in to Windows, but is that enough for your needs? I can't remember when I first starting using WinZip . It was many years ago. Many of you probably don't realize that Corel purchased the company, WinZip, a couple of years ago. Corel just released...