• Fri, Oct 31 2008

    Flipping objects in place

    Flip objects in place by pressing CTRL+SHIFT and moving the adjustment handles as shown:
    • Fri, Oct 31 2008

    Font Friday: Viking

    Since today is Halloween, I was still searching out fonts that might be a good fit for the holiday. Rather than finding another "scary" font, I thought about finding something related to a costume someone might wear. That led me to the Viking font shown at right. You can download both the PostScript and TrueType versions of the font for free. So what costume are you wearing for Halloween? I want to hear all...
    • Thu, Oct 30 2008

    Thursday Tip: Insert Symbol Character Docker

    There has been confusion about this Docker since Corel introduced Symbols in CorelDRAW 12. Many users still think of Symbols as the simple graphics contained in symbol fonts. To bring up the Docker, press Ctrl + F11 . Not only will you see symbol fonts listed, but every single font available to CorelDRAW. Just yesterday I needed to insert the bullet character and couldn't remember the keystroke for the character....
    • Wed, Oct 29 2008

    Hump Day Hardware: Webcam

    I was traveling last week and found myself in the need of a new Web cam. My old one just wouldn't play nicely with Vista. Sometimes I could get the video to work, but not always. Plus the driver just didn't support the microphone at all. I did some searching around and decided on the Microsoft LifeCam VX-7000 . The instructions for installation were easy enough to follow. It did take a very long time to install...
    • Tue, Oct 28 2008

    Tutorial Tuesday: Play Ball

    With the World Series in full swing, let's look at a tutorial that shows you techniques for drawing a baseball. Fluid's Play Ball: How to Create a Custom Baseball in CorelDRAW will show you all of the steps to not only draw a ball, but to customize it. While the steps may be specifically for creating a baseball, you'll definitely learn things that can be easily applied to other projects. Play ball!
    • Mon, Oct 27 2008

    Macro Monday: Sancho DocNav

    For those of you working with multi-page CorelDRAW files, it can be a little time consuming to navigate to the first or last pages. Sancho DocNav can help you with that. Assign the functions of DocNav to shortcut keys and you are one keypress away from the first or last page. This macro is pretty simple and yet can save you time if you have long complex documents. Best of all, it is free!
    • Sun, Oct 26 2008

    CorelDRAW macro that reveals the length of a curve

    This macro will reveal the length of a single selected curve. You can choose either inches or centimeters. If the curve has subpaths, they will be included in the total measurement.
    • Sun, Oct 26 2008

    Sunday Stock: Major League Baseball

    The World Series is in full swing. What better time to look for baseball-related artwork. One of the best places to look is on the Major League Baseball Web site . You'll find the logos for all major league teams, logos for special events like the World Series or the All Star Game, uniform designs for the upcoming World Baseball Classic and more. This is definitely a great resource if you are looking for any artwork...
    • Sat, Oct 25 2008

    Weekend Widget: Google Earth

    At one time or another, I think we have all watched a bird and wished we could fly. Using Google Earth allows you to fly virtually over any place on earth. When you first open the application, you are looking at the globe. As a test, I typed "parthenon" into the search box and the globe rotated towards Europe and zoomed in on Athens, Greece until the Acropolis filled my viewing window. Not only does it show...
    • Fri, Oct 24 2008

    Font Friday: RemiHead

    Usually I can give you a good reason why I picked a particular font. As I was searching around for today's font, one of them just jumped out at me. I have no idea why, I just wanted to select it. RemiHead is described as a hi-tech retro font. It does supply all four weights, but it only has lowercase letters. Download and enjoy!
    • Thu, Oct 23 2008

    Photo-Paint X4, colouring with new Photo Filter Lens

    I have said it before, I am not running a tip & tricks blog on my website :-) . But just came to think about this new Photo Filter Lens we now got with the new Corel Photo-Paint X4, the image editing and illustration program that comes bundled with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. You can find the Photo Filter Lens in the Object´s docker as useal. I felt I like to share this, because I just this moment used this myself...
    • Thu, Oct 23 2008

    Before & After: A New Series in Image Editing

    I originally conceived of Before and After as a place to inspire image editors and photographers to consider images as having potential that might have been originally discarded as ‘unsalvageable’.  Using an image from my session on Non-Destructive Image Editing from the CorelDraw Unleashed User’s Conference, I will inaugurate this series. Here is a photo of Split [...]
    • Thu, Oct 23 2008

    Thursday Tip: Compose Your Photos

    There are a number of ways that we can improve photos once they come into the computer. But to really improve the pictures, you need to do better when taking the pictures. Before you push the button, stop and think a bit about what would make the best image. For example, you should compose your photos. If you are taking pictures of children, kneel down so the camera is on the same level as the subjects. In fact, you'll...
    • Wed, Oct 22 2008

    A new illustration "Man in the Dark"

    Here is one of my new illustrations. An illustration in its own right, which can also bee seen as a book cover dummie. Made entirely with Corel Photo-Paint X4 (CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4), and a Wacom Intuos 3 A6 Wide tablet. Stefan Lindblad Illustrator & artist
    • Wed, Oct 22 2008

    Hump Day Hardware: MacBook and MacBook Pro

    Regular readers may think I've lost my mind. Why am I talking about machines using an operating system that can't run CorelDRAW? First, these are darned good laptops. It also should be noted that these machines can run CorelDRAW using emulation software. At right is a photo of the MacBook Pro that is now the high-end of the Apple laptop family. It is loaded with 4 GB of RAM, a 250 GB hard drive and a 2.53 GHz...
    • Tue, Oct 21 2008

    image rescue again

    Here's an image of a doctor that I improved upon a few years ago. There were no other photos available, I just had to make it work . :-) You might notice some main things such as removing shadow behind head, and skin tone adjustment. The final result has a bit of a painterly look to it after my processing... Click on the image for larger version, to see what I was given... :-p
    • Tue, Oct 21 2008

    What is good design and what is bad design

    Illustration by Stefan Lindblad for the Fly Nordic Airline magazine I originally asked this question to members on the www.Coreldraw.com forum. "What is good design and what is bad design." What makes a good cover and what doesnt make a good cover. Is all that is Free of charge the best, or is payed the best, or does it have to do with money at all. In our daily work when we create an illustration, cover for...
    • Tue, Oct 21 2008

    For Lack of a Better Word

    Graphic designers have it easy by comparison. They get to use words like ‘’create’ or ‘design’ or, at worst, ‘lay out’ when they refer to the act of their creative process.  All of these words are fairly positive and evoke, at worst, neutral emotions. They appear to be artists and the language with which they [...]
    • Tue, Oct 21 2008

    Tutorial Tuesday: The Evils of Using JPEG Files

    So often I see users choosing to save files in JPEG format simply because it creates small files. Often it is the wrong choice. Today's tutorial, The Evils of Using JPEG Files , will help you to understand the problems with JPEG files and alternative formats that would be a better choice.
    • Mon, Oct 20 2008

    Image rescue

    Here was a pic that needed some repair. The original provided was at left, my repair attempt at right. click on image for more detail....
    • Mon, Oct 20 2008

    Macro Monday: Brian Davies Rectangle Creator

    Brian Davies has created several cool (yet free) macros. His latest allows you to create rectangles at exact sizes . It is great for creating border rectangles around your page. At this price, it is definitely worth a download!
    • Sun, Oct 19 2008

    Sunday Stock: Sports Logos

    I frequently hear of users trying to find logos of professional and college sports teams. One reason you don't see them sold as collections is that they require licensing fees to be used legally. I recently came across a site that has a wide variety of sports logos you can download for free. Many of them are vector, other come as good quality bitmaps. Point your browsers at Sports Logos Screensavers and download the...
    • Sat, Oct 18 2008

    Weekend Widget: Startup Control Panel

    How many programs do you have loading when you start Windows? And of those, how many of them do you really need? Most users have way too much junk loading and it just slows down their computer. For those who aren't yet on Vista, a great solution is Startup Control Panel . Startup Control Panel installs itself as a Control Panel applet in Windows (most versions before Vista). When run, it gives you lists of everything...
    • Fri, Oct 17 2008

    Opening PDF's for editing in Draw

    A user asked: I am attempting to import a PDF file into Corel so I can do some editing. When I copied and pasted the file into Corel the quality was extremely bad, so I tried to import the file and got a bunch of crazy symbols where the text was supposed to be. The pictures looked fine. Any tips you guys can give me? Opening PDF files in any program for editing is a coin-toss. They are intended as a final format for viewing...
    • Fri, Oct 17 2008

    My First and Last Presentation

    But not in the way you think… I wax nostalgic today. Partly spurred by the article in Slide:ology this week and partly because I recently stumbled upon a cache of ancient binders containing bits of my larval creative efforts. Humbled, I am walking down memory lane to my first presentation and contrasting it with my most [...]