• Sun, Nov 30 2008

    Sunday Stock: Sports Volume 1

    As I travel around and train CorelDRAW users, one area where users are always creating products is for sports teams from the local area. There are many packages on the market with templates, but today I'm featuring a product with great templates and a great price. Sports Volume 1 has 277 templates covering thirteen different categories. All of the files are stored in CorelDRAW 10 format which means they work in all...
    • Sat, Nov 29 2008

    Create Transparent Stylized Buttons using CorelDRAW

    By Steve Bain If you’ve found yourself wishing that you knew how to create those cool, glass-like transparent buttons popular in certain interface designs, your wish is granted. I’m talking about those pill-shaped buttons that appear to be made from colored glass or see-though plastic. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use CorelDRAW to [...]
    • Sat, Nov 29 2008

    Weekend Widget: Glary Utilities

    Last week I told you about repartitioning the hard drive on my laptop. While I was cleaning things up, I decided to try some other fixes to speed up the computer. That led me to the Glary Utilities . Included are a number of system tools to speed up and clean up your computer. I haven't used the computer enough to give a definitive answer, but things do seem to be a lot snappier. Being able to speed up a computer...
    • Fri, Nov 28 2008

    Draw 3 Lighting Details using CorelDRAW

    By Steve Bain In these three mini tutorials, we’ll explore three basic types of transparent highlights you can quickly add to graphic scenes to simulate reflected light: The window reflection, the sunlight glare, and the star highlight. To demonstrate I’m using CorelDRAW 11, but these techniques can be used with any recent version of CorelDRAW up to and including [...]
    • Fri, Nov 28 2008


    -but just for a bit- Today, I am packing my Prius to travel to Badlands National Park where I will be serving as Artist In Residence for the month of December.   I served at Badlands in the Spring of 2007 and this is a shot of me during one of my sunset stakeouts. One of the unique [...]
    • Fri, Nov 28 2008

    Font Friday: More Thanksgiving Fonts

    I'm still full from the Thanksgiving feast yesterday. It is hard to pass up large helpings of turkey and dressing. Continuing with our theme from last Friday, I found even more Thanksgiving fonts for you to download. You'll also notice a few other holidays represented on the page so get started early on designs for those holidays.
    • Thu, Nov 27 2008

    Thursday Tip: Web Safe Colors

    There has long been a misconception that only a limited set of colors were "safe" on the Web. That just isn't the case, all RGB colors can be used on the Web. I've even seen mention that only Hex colors were Web safe. No, hexadecimal is simply another numbering system. In CorelDRAW, RGB values are shown in the decimal numbering system and range from 0-255. Hexadecimal represents those same numbers from...
    • Thu, Nov 27 2008

    Adopt Better Layout Strategies with CorelDRAW

    By Steve Bain There are good and bad ways to build a layout. In this tutorial, you'll learn about layout and design habits that you should definitely avoid, and I'll demonstrate a few best practices to adopt. There's a little something for everyone in this installment.
    • Wed, Nov 26 2008

    White Balancing for Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

    Green Bulbs are strangely missing from the White Balance Selections Choices If you scroll down the options for White Balance in any RAW software converter you will find that there are many options. In the age of green-thinking and the prevalence of alternative-low energy light sources, you would think that photography software would be catching up. It [...]
    • Wed, Nov 26 2008

    Hump Day Hardware: Harman Kardon GLA-55 Loudspeaker System

    Some of the hardware I cover is very practical and represents something that every user of graphics software should have. Today is something that would look great on your desk and provide you with entertainment, but it may not be that practical. As you can see from the picture at left, the Harman Kardon GLA-55 2.0-Powered Loudspeaker System looks fantastic. I've not heard the speakers, but I'm sure they also sound...
    • Tue, Nov 25 2008

    Tutorial Tuesday: CorelDRAW's Find and Replace Wizard

    Users are always asking about easy ways to change all of the colors in the their artwork in CorelDRAW. There are a number of different tools that approach this common problem. One of them is the Find and Replace Wizard. Today's tutorial shows you how to use the Find and Replace Wizard in all of its different variations.
    • Mon, Nov 24 2008

    How to Create a Neon Tubing Type Effect

    By Steve Bain The ability to create objects to appear as if they have been fashioned into Neon tube lighting is a popular technique sought after by many illustrators. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to select the most ideal font for achieving the best results and embellish your type with color lighting to add realism. Although [...]
    • Mon, Nov 24 2008

    The Euro coin designed using CorelDRAW

    To follow up on my earlier post about important things being designed, using CorelDRAW. Its funny how people can say "nothing important have ever been made, or designed by important designers or illustrators, using CorelDRAW". In a way its just silly, as silly as the old Mac vs PC discussion. But fact remains, CorelDRAW was the computer software being used to design the Euro coin. And if that isnt big enough...
    • Mon, Nov 24 2008

    South Park uses CorelDRAW to illustrate with

    Because of the impact Adobe have had on many peoples consious, such as the words "is this photoshoped", its no wonder, why many people live in a bubble, believing nothing "big and important" are made with other computer software, other than those from Adobe. Well the people behind "South Park" uses CorelDRAW to make their 2D illustrations, and then bring it into Maya to animate it. Neither...
    • Mon, Nov 24 2008

    Macro Monday: Dizzy: RasterMaster

    One of the great features about the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is that bitmaps in CorelDRAW are linked to Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Simply select the bitmap in CorelDRAW, click Edit Bitmap and the file is sent to Corel PHOTO-PAINT for editing. This works great for those of us who work with Corel PHOTO-PAINT exclusively. But what about those who are using Adobe Photoshop? Until now, you've just been out of luck if you wanted...
    • Sun, Nov 23 2008

    Sunday Stock: Stick Figure Volume 1

    Drive around the United States and you will often see a vinyl sticker on the back window of vehicles with various stick figures representing the make up of the family inside. How would you like a whole disc loaded with stick figures so that you could create those signs easily for your customers? If so, I've got the perfect disc for you. Stick Figure Volume 1 contains 500 different stick figures in a number of different...
    • Sat, Nov 22 2008

    The Truth about Tele-converters

    In times of trouble when your lens just won’t reach the subject or fill the frame, people often turn to tele-converters to extend their optical reach. Here are a couple of examples from my 25 years in photography. The first is a Vivitar 2X converter for my old Minolta film cameras. The second is the [...]
    • Sat, Nov 22 2008

    Weekend Widget: Easeus Partition Manager

    I'm very picky about how I set up my computers and I suspect many of you are the same way. My set-up is to put Windows on Drive C, all of my software and content collections (fonts, clip art, photos, etc.) on Drive D and my own data on Drive E. By doing this, I only need to back up the data from the E drive because everything else can be reinstalled from the original discs. About the only exception is my Outlook data...
    • Fri, Nov 21 2008

    Font Friday: Thanksgiving Fonts

    For those of us in the United States, we'll be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday next week. So I looked around to see if I could find some fonts with a Thanksgiving theme. I found a wide variety of Thanksgiving fonts to download. I'm sure you'll find one or more to add to your collection.
    • Thu, Nov 20 2008

    Create Quick Text Effects with Contours

    By Steve Bain CorelDRAW's Interactive Contour Tool enables you to create one of the fastest text effects to dress up otherwise uninteresting characters. With just a simple-click drag action, you can apply contours to the inner areas of Artistic Text characters. Then, by adjusting the contour properties, you can manipulate the effect and customize the effect for compelling results. In this tutorial, you'll learn...
    • Thu, Nov 20 2008

    Test file for CorelDRAW

    This 360 KB CorelDRAW X3 file may be useful for various tests: testfile.cdr
    • Thu, Nov 20 2008

    Keep your eyes open....

    A few years back, I had a business card sent in by a customer for production. Re-interpreting the file offered the following results with various programs. All are bad. Look at the butterfly in every case... Moral of the story? Don't blindly trust any brand of software to re-interpret PDF files perfectly. Sometimes, you'll be fortunate. Other times, not. Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger! click on...
    • Thu, Nov 20 2008

    Thursday Tip: Space Bar Toggle

    The Spacebar in CorelDRAW has always had a special meaning hidden beneath the surface. Pressing the Spacebar will switch between the currently selected tool and the Pick tool. If the Pick tool is selected, then the Spacebar switches back to the last used tool. Now things change a bit when the Text tool is selected. If you simply press the Spacebar, it gives you a space in your text. So use Ctrl + Spacebar to switch back...
    • Thu, Nov 20 2008

    Diane's got it right...

    Diane posted something regarding font recognition for rebuilding artwork: "After working with these kinds of files, day in and day out, year after year, recognition becomes easier. Not saying you won't get a stumper once in a while, but a good portion of them are familar. Practice by "Naming that Font" while you watch TV. See how many you can name in commercials, titles, credits etc." I responded...